The Activist

The Activist

A political thriller during the Wounded Knee insurrection in 1973. Two activist are arrested and maintain in custody in a sheriff's office. They will meet a Nixon advisor, a lawyer, a ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:The Activist 2013 full movies, The Activist torrents movie

A political thriller during the Wounded Knee insurrection in 1973. Two activist are arrested and maintain in custody in a sheriff's office. They will meet a Nixon advisor, a lawyer, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Preston K (us) wrote: I was there and it was a better performance than I remembered. A little too much editing and they cut out some cool parts (when Plant introduced Kashir and after the show Jason bowed in awe to the surviving 3 only to have the bow returned by them to him - very cool moment.

Wynter W (ca) wrote: I like everything about this movie

Bradley P (fr) wrote: An uninteresting, unintelligent thriller that made me want to fall asleep. Phoning it in has never been so bland, boring and cliche.

Karen W (de) wrote: This is more for the guys...a bit gorey. I watched it all and actually enjoyed it. It tried to bring a philosophical aspect to a pretty seedy night club/bouncer scene.

mason b (de) wrote: Every once in a while I see a film that reminds me that Steve Buscemi is brilliant. I mean it, I think Steve Buscemi is one of the best American actors working today. He's certainly the most underrated. You can can see the proof of this in Reservoir Dog, The Messenger, Fargo, and in Trees Lounge. So for those readers who know him as one of the ubiquitous supporting actors in Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production; know that his talents are being extremely underserved there. Here is Trees Lounge, he writes, directs, as well as stars. Steve Buscemi plays Tommy, a down-on-his-luck, out of work, alcoholic barfly who seems to have a talent for making terrible decisions. Still, he's a nice guy, and you're still very capable of sympathizing with him. The film follows him as he goes through whats left of his life, trying to pick up the pieces from his terrible life choices. The entire film is an examination of his alcoholism and laziness as he interacts with the world around him in the small New York town he lives. Steve Buscemi is brilliant in the lead role, and he's joined by a stellar supporting cast as well. Trees Lounge isn't especially ambitious, but it's a nice little film from Director Steve Buscemi.

Ross V (gb) wrote: It's great finding little gems that you have never heard of.

Alan V (de) wrote: Deeply, deeply disturbing.

Ellen G (ru) wrote: Bra oppflger av den fra 1974.

Michael H (nl) wrote: Hammer Films' slow moving horror and squirming nubiles combined with Shaw Studios' brisk martial arts melees. It's an odd and marginally successful combination. Often awkward but with personable stars. Especially funny watching some of the Chinese vampires half-hopping about; apparently they had played Chinese hopping vampires and had a little trouble adapting to the European style. Or maybe it was intentional.

Rakeem M (kr) wrote: A very important, extremely truthful film about the struggles of a black man in an era where he was only acknowledged as "boy". The performances from the two lead actors are pitch perfect, truthful and unflinching just as the film is as a whole.

Rachael S (es) wrote: Bob Hope and Bing Crosby

Sam M (mx) wrote: Ridiculous and hilarious.

Toni P (br) wrote: dont really like this film

Capital F (gb) wrote: Awful. A slow pain to see.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Jim M (nl) wrote: Failed to hold my attention but the action is pretty decient and the chick who played Doris was pretty hot.