The Adonis Factor

The Adonis Factor

Gay men and their pursuit of physical perfection.

Gay men and their pursuit of physical perfection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt G (mx) wrote: Easily the "best" of the series. The fierce-flying-fish have moved up the coast and are attacking NYC. More fun than the first, it's less cynically bad and more intentionally funny ("Frogger" joke) and over-the-top (Fin being a folk-hero). Playing on the ridiculous tropes of disaster movies (massive cast, bad one-liners), I only wish it was about half as long; the silliness gets more than a bit boring towards the end.

Simon P (nl) wrote: Noomi Rapace is her usual brilliant self in this increasingly mad tale of mental deterioration and personal tragedy.

Ian E (au) wrote: I've seen some bad films recently and this one didnt get any better. Guive it a miss as the acting isntgood and the story not crash hot either.

ANDERSON G (nl) wrote: The obsession of a man to undertake portrayed so faithfully that scares, perhaps the set of techniques brilliantly used by Paul Thomas Anderson that makes this film enchant and disturb at the same time is a human retraction, dirty and beautiful, a factor that contributes significantly is the soundtrack used by Paul and composed by Jonny Greenwood, very reminiscent of Kubrick's films, counterpoint beautiful scenery, the black oil mud, the sun from west to shed blood, you feel all the soundtrack is great, photography is as good as, open plans that Paul uses are always awesome, and the performances are incredible, if the film is great, half of that credit goes to the performances, beginning with Daniel Day-Lewis arrives to scare so transformed that character is Paul Dano is also great, and it really gets inside the character, can criticize the sermons he gives up being stressed or even false, but his character is false and forced.The script is not brilliant, but has many more virtues than faults, it is tightly closed in himself, and has a great character development, though sometimes leave a little vague objective thereof, and after a while the rhythm is lost a little, but for those who are already completely immersed in the story, it makes no difference, "Blood" is a great movie.The end may be medium dubio, I have friends who saw and understood nothing, Daniel Plainview is a psychopath? No, Daniel is a sincere and flawed man, he admits his ambition, he confronts his mistakes, and to a certain point is recognized as a "sinner," and is always judged by that, which he admits is other fallible humans who do not take their mistakes and are well regarded for it is for this reason that Eli's character bothers you so much, because it is as sinful as Daniel, and yet is always well seen (this is clear in the train scene, to where Eli part for their mission), and this character shift socially acceptable pursues and makes you want to fix your way nothing methodical and obsessive, it is clear when he kills the false brother and the false prophet making them confess their faults before they died .Forgive my English translator google.

Nithya L (fr) wrote: good movie very funny too

Thomas K (jp) wrote: I remember seeing it on the great white way when it first opened and figured it would be a great success on celluloid. Then time passed and there came a time when I thought the chance of it being filmed were slim to none. Therefore I'm as pleased as punch that not did it finally get there, but in Bill Condon it found a director who knew what he was doing. Fabulous.

Luke J (gb) wrote: Quite interesting and good insight into political spin behind the scenes. I liked seeing both parties' side.

Rob A (mx) wrote: Hard, moving and powerful. Ben Foster is great

nipp s (jp) wrote: Oh yeah take that ass cock!..... I love deleted sceens

Steve B (ru) wrote: This is a very realistic story of a large bourgeois family slowly killing time in an argentinian summer house, far from the crowd and lost in the drinks and the lush rainforest. Very nice.

Stewart F (mx) wrote: A fun movie, largely because of Williams and Crystal, both pretty much playing to type (one wonders how much of the script was their ad-libs).

Tom H (nl) wrote: Like a real war, it's absurd and often hard to figure out. Definitely has its moments. Lennon's last line is disquieting in retrospect.

Jackson M (it) wrote: It's really not that bad, very enjoyable

Jun Woo P (ca) wrote: A very interesting Sci-Fi film.

Jim F (jp) wrote: Didnt like the elephant getting beat