The Adopted

The Adopted


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The Adopted torrent reviews

Christi D (br) wrote: If you can get past Kate Hudson's AWFUL accent, this movie is really good. Adam is such a player and you love him anyway.

Hytham E (nl) wrote: This film is not all that original but is still fun to watch!

Isaac C (de) wrote: A very interesting and compelling documentary

Landice A (it) wrote: It intrigues me... Plus, Judy Davis.

Wesley J (ca) wrote: A worthy end to Universal's horror saga, even if it does feels a little abrupt and clumsy.

Luis O (nl) wrote: For such a stellar casting, this is a really boring story.

Kenton C (es) wrote: Whenever Jon Stewart mocks his acting ability, I think of this movie as counter-evidence. The role of Trent obviously plays to his strength of verbosity, but he brought such charm and charisma to the role that I actually found Jon Stewart attractive...which I didn't think possible.

Blake B (de) wrote: I loved Blake Lively in this film