The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin

Boston proper meets the Wild West as Roddy McDowall, Suzanne Pleshette, and Karl Malden star in a fish-out-of-water comedy for everyone! To restore his family's lost wealth, a young Boston lad stows away on a ship bound for the California Gold Rush. When their very proper butler gives chase, all roads lead to nonstop adventure, wild and woolly characters, and a lucky punch that leads to a bonanza of belly laughs!

A young man from Boston heads west to join the California gold rush with the hopes of restoring his family fortune, but his dedicated butler sets out to find him and bring him home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas W (de) wrote: Mr. Pip wants to be a better film than it actually ever is and this is disappointing because it had a chance to offer an audience a glimpse of life in a section of the world few know much about. Taking place on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea in 1990, it is the story of the last white man on the island who inspired his students with the writings of Charles Dickens and his interpretation/reading of 'Great Expectations' whose main character is known as Pip. During the second outbreak of civil war on the island within a fifty-year span, the teacher, Mr. Watts (Hugh Laurie - 'House') finds himself threatened by some militants who don't like the inspirational readings he recites to his class. One of his students, Matilda (Xzannjah Matsi) takes his readings to heart and becomes enthralled with the world of Dickens and imagines herself in some of his writings. The story is mostly a sad one as the history of the island has also been pretty sad (it survived a decade cut off from the rest of the world) but it is a cinematic display of the power of story and what imagination can do in a time of war -- having both positive and negative consequences. There is good and bad here but the film itself isn't ever as inspiring as the writings of Dickens as most of this is rather forgettable. It has generated interest in myself of the history of Bougainville so that in itself is a good thing; but it'll most likely make the actual history of the place much more interesting than this story.

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Madeline M (au) wrote: I would have liked this movie more, or at least hated it less, if it had actually said or thought anything. I'm not even asking that what is says, thinks, or does is original! But it had no direction. Which would have been okay, because I love movies where nothing happens, if it hadn't been placed in a context where some sort of decision was necessary. Maybe it needed more time, more distance from the actual event?Also, this is the kind of movie that thinks women shape their identities around men. That's not true.

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