The Adventures of Hercules II

The Adventures of Hercules II

Hercules searches for the Seven Thunderbolts of Zeus, which have been stolen by renegade gods.

Hercules searches for the Seven Thunderbolts of Zeus, which have been stolen by renegade gods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Adventures of Hercules II torrent reviews

May A (ag) wrote: Enjoyed all performances.

Patrick C (br) wrote: A total yawner. Nothing much at all to recommend it. The story is something about a girl who inherits her old family home which is haunted/possessed by her grandfather. Meh.

bill b (ca) wrote: the Miike's oneits just ok.

Casey B (gb) wrote: [color=Yellow][i][b]The Stranger[/b][/i] [/color]>> [color=Yellow]D+ [/color]>> Quite disappointing considering it's an Orson Welles film. Too straight foward and simple with little surprises to keep you interested.[color=Yellow][i][b]The Ice Harvest[/b][/i][/color] >> [color=Yellow]D+ [/color]>> John Cusack is back in his dark humour suit but the script is too weak to support the great cast's talent.[color=Yellow][i][b]Hero [/b][/i][/color]>> [color=Yellow]C- [/color]>> Over-dramatized "epic" with little to offer other than tasty visuals.[color=Yellow][i][b]Seven Times Lucky[/b][/i][/color] >> [color=Yellow]C [/color]>> Another good con movie. Strangely that has become a cliche. It's all about the con and style, which isn't enough to make it a great con film.[color=Yellow][i][b]Akeelah and the Bee[/b][/i][/color] >> [color=Yellow]D [/color]>> Compared to [i]Bee Season[/i], this movie falls flat immensely. It is very predictable and tugs too much at your emotions, which is true for most family films.

Sally S (mx) wrote: Richard Clark: Why are you late?Student: Because the bell rang before I got here.

Javeria (ag) wrote: sad but true story...

Daniel D (ag) wrote: This is a very good movie, and Freeman was phenomenal here. Principal Clark's approach is what many schools need today, sadly.

Katie B (ag) wrote: Oh the 1980's...This movie was unnecessarily cheesy and ridiculous.

Grant M (gb) wrote: Hilarious & well worth seeing, even if just for a VERY young Robert Beltran :)

Kevin B (gb) wrote: Overacting to the extreme - FABULOUS

Emiliano R (ag) wrote: Muy interesante! Parece que la Iglesia pudo frenar la matanza de discapacitados durante el nazismo, por eso un qumico de la SS y un cura, que por todos los medios intentan frenar el holocausto judo, creen que el Vaticano es el nico que puede lograrlo, pero se enfrentan con la respuesta de silencio "cmplice" por parte del Catolicismo, que los hace tan culpables como lo genocidas.

Michael H (de) wrote: A fun creature movie with a nicely casual performance from David Caradine as a tough detective and an absolutely delightful turn by Michael Moriarty as low-rent criminal who works every angle but dreams of making it as a jazz pianist. Moriarty makes the movie worthwhile all by himself.

Peter P (au) wrote: Well filmed with lots of good native performances, and some of the British actors were really great, some, not so much, although Michael Caine is great. The battle scenes look good for the most part, although some of the fighters in the background were just going through the motions.

Ro K (gb) wrote: A great anthology movie, starring the great Peter Cushing as Dr.Terror. :)

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