The Advocate

The Advocate

A grieving defense attorney gets caught in a twisted game of who-done-it when he takes on the case of a beautiful socialite who is accused of murder.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   boat,   detective,  

A grieving defense attorney gets caught in a twisted game of who-done-it when he takes on the case of a beautiful socialite who is accused of murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (au) wrote: wow couldn't believe they showed a cum shot! ahh those French! my only complaint a reel shitty ending

Danielle O (jp) wrote: Loved it. Great cast, great writing, great twists and turns. Crazy as crazy can be and loving it.

Xyme A (ru) wrote: wow...this is one of great teen movies i ever watched... well done Disney n keep it up....

Giuseppe P (fr) wrote: Ancora una volta Nanni Moretti si dimostra tagliente e soprattutto intelligente attraverso una articolata esplorazione allegorica del senso della cristianit che non manca di momenti esilaranti che si alternano a momenti pi tipicamente introspettivi. Non il migliore di Nanni Moretti ma forse il pi audace.

Perrine B (gb) wrote: Karen approche la cinquantaine et regrette encore le jour o elle a d abandonner sa fille alors qu'elle a accouch 14 ans. Elizabeth a 37 ans, est extrmement indpendante, carririste, et dtermine vivre sa vie selon ses propres envies. Lucy ne peut pas avoir d'enfant et se bat pour obtenir la garde d'un bb qu'une ado met l'adoption. Sans le savoir, les destins de ces 3 femmes sont lis et vont se croiser.Troublant. Trois portraits de femmes trs diffrentes et pleine de caractre. Karen (Annette Bening, remarquable) est remplie d'amertume et de regrets, incapable de se laisser aimer les autres tellement elle se culpabilise. Elizabeth (Naomi Watts, insaisissable) est une femme comme on en voit peu. Adopte sa naissance, elle a grandi dans un univers qui ne nous est pas renseign (un peu dommage) et qui l'a blinde face aux motions. Il en rsulte un personnage complexe et quelque peu choquant. Lucy (Kerry Washington, authentique) donne tout ce qu'elle peut pour enfin avoir un enfant avec son compagnon. Malgr les nombreux obstacles qui se dresseront devant elle, elle ne perd ni espoir, ni sa volont.Si certaines situations sont droutantes, elles n'en sont pas pour autant mauvaises, et il est impossible de rester impassible devant ces histoires. Un drame fort et admirablement interprt.

Chandrahasa R (jp) wrote: I feel this is the best of Farhan Akhtar's three movies. When I first watched it years ago it moved and inspired me. The second time around the feeling was much stronger. There are so many parallels to the story line that makes you introspect and look within your self, that is the beauty of the movie.

Glenn C (jp) wrote: Driller Killer is a "video nasty" from 1979, directed by Abel Ferrara. It's a psychological horror film detailing the psychotic breakdown of an artist who's distain for the world around him reaches a boiling point. Ferrara plays the lead character of Reno and his performance is neurotic and frenzied. The film is dark... in fact it's the kind of grimy you can't wash off. It treads familiar territory with comparisons to Taxi Driver and Repulsion and later-on Combat Shock but it examines the descent into madness in a more visceral style. Reno's madness is emphasised with hallucinations and distorted camera angles which add an uneasy quality to an already disturbing film. Affectively the surreal elements are more alarming than the on-screen violence, which itself is graphic and repulsive. Of the video nasties from the 70s (that magnificent era of horror) Driller Killer is probably the most experimental and provoking. It isn't aiming for shock value as much as it's probing into social decay and mental illness. A valuable horror film which launched an important filmmaker's career.

Private U (nl) wrote: The antics of Bob Hope are just so hysterically timeless, and he doesn't miss a beat in this film about a parody of the contemporary detective films.

Kanika B (jp) wrote: This movie will make you say, OMG he is soo hott every time Collin comes onto the screen. The movie is worth your time if you like romantic comedies.The end is unfortunate.

Kelli R (au) wrote: Possibly the strangest movie I've ever seen. And I've seen lots of movies. I liked the concept of the story, but I think it was executed poorly.The music is great, though; it caught my eye at the library only because the soundtrack for it was the first solo work done by one of the Beatles. But if you're interested in that, you'd do better to listen to the 40-minute soundtrack than sit through this trippy 85-minute movie that will make you wonder what the hell you just watched.