The Affair

The Affair

A black soldier in World War II England begins an affair with a white woman whose husband is a soldier currently overseas in battle and in doubts of her relationship with him as she discovered he had been having an affair with his secretary.

A black soldier in World War II England begins an affair with a white woman whose husband is a soldier currently overseas in battle and in doubts of her relationship with him as she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (fr) wrote: Paul W.S. Anderson comes back to the director chair for Resident Evil Afterlife, and boy is it a step down from Extinction. The good stuff are still in there like the action scenes and the effects, well at least some of them that is. The movie actually tried to give off some character development in it, but it did such a poor job on it that I really think that they should've tried harder on it. The acting is not as good as Apocalypse or Extinction, and at times, Milla Jovovich sounds like she has a sore throat. The plot is useless and just as convenient as ever, and I didn't care about the characters even if they put some character development in them. Paul W.S. Anderson put in some slow motion scenes in it which would've been fine, if he didn't overuse it so much. The soundtrack by tomandandy isn't as great as Charlie Clouser's score for Extinction, but the score is still a bit cool to listen to. It's predictable, and it's not as fun to watch as the previous films, in fact, it can be sometimes boring to watch which is the worst thing to say about a film. I wouldn't say that Resident Evil Afterlife is bad as an action zombie movie, but it's very average and it's either in the same leagues, or is actually worse, as the first movie.

Saurabh M (au) wrote: Awesome movie!Very much in the AAA/Bheja Fry category.

Wesley W (gb) wrote: Not really as bad as critics think it is. In my opinion, the consensus isn't very good because it only says that this isn't good because it is too similar to other films and that wasn't really what the problem was here. I like 50 cent's music but several parts of his story here just wasn't interesting enough to make us care about what was going on half of the time. The film also wasn't very memorable or rewatchable. At first 50 Cent's acting wasn't very good but I thought he got a little better as the movie progressed. Terrence Howard gave a good performance here and he add humanity in the scenes he was in. Therefore, this film wasn't 16% bad, it was just an average drama that had good parts, but in the end, it isn't something that you will beg to see again after it is over.

PatrickThomas G (de) wrote: This movie is truly sick and twisted and after watching it I felt dirty for about a week. The fact that the movie is done on a grainy very messed up camera does little to keep one from wanting to vomit from the get go with this film. As I watched this I had to tell myself a couple of times that this movie is not real. The suspension of disbelief that one usually has when watching a film goes out the damn window with this one because if it didn?t then you would truly think that you were watching a snuff film. This film is very hard to synopsize because in essence it is just a set of disturbing vignettes of murder, torture, mayhem, and etc. connected by the fact that is all one movie and nothing else. There is a girl that the unnamed killer keeps in his basement and does some truly sick shit to including but not limited to watching her boyfriend get murdered and dismembered and eating her own shit. Oh by the way the killer in this movie is played by the director himself Fred Vogel. This is one of the few films that I have watched where I had to stifle my own vomit, oh and by the way the sequels are much worse. Anyways back to the synopsis, the killer then beats some poor girl to death, then goes to a ?concert? and delvers some beat downs, then he tortures the girl in the basement more. Then we get to follow him on some road trips? great. On the road trip we see the killer beat an old lady to death (played by the directors own Grandma) and steal her car. And so on, add more random beatings and torture. Then we get to the finale of the ?movie? which involves two prostitutes, a hammer, murder, and some good old-fashioned sodomy. End of movie, thankfully, just watching this movie to review it was an endurance test that many normal people just couldn?t handle (not that I am normal but I like to think that I am at least semi-normal). This movie exists because of independent horror directors that are sick of the same old Hollywood trite and want to create something truly terrifying. Applause to Fred Vogel the director, you have truly bucked and mentally ass fucked the system and horror community into submission.

Silvestre S (es) wrote: Amazing acting from a great cast,solid plot,script,laughs,and a suprisingly above average entertainment from a good way to earn it laughs and drama and also Rachel McAddams/Lindsey Lohan's performance make Mean Girls entertaining for all audiences.