The African Lion

The African Lion

Part of Disney's True-Life Adventures series, this film focuses on the lives of lions in Africa.

The Milotte's spend three years in Africa filming a lion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jukka H (mx) wrote: Oh, shit. (Georgiaksi)

Shatrujeet N (nl) wrote: Totally awesome. Had me glued to the sofa. Wanna see more Johnny To movies!

Sam S (ag) wrote: Very good & funny but Ricky Gervais completely steals the show as Bugsy

ChiaHui H (ag) wrote: Harbour (Adrian Rowlins) is admitted to a hospital, undergoing his chemotherapy to treat his pancreatic cancer. At the same time back home, his wife Alice (Shirley Henderson) and his suicidal, pampered brother Wilbur (Jamie Sives) are developing an affair. Harbour notices the changes in Wilbur. When he pays a visit to his home on the Christmas night, he suspicion is confirmed by a question his step-daughter Mary (Lisa McKinlay) innocently asks, "Are you going to sleep in Wilbur's old bedroom?" Upon hearing this, he decides to return to the hospital that night. I'm a bit disappointed about this film as I thought that it would give me some insight in suicide and literature.

Suveera A (fr) wrote: The humanity in this gemstone film is touching to behold and the acting of Rahul Bose is beautiful to behold. This film teaches religion doesn't matter only friendship and caring for one another as human beings. This valuable lesson taught by director Sen should be applied in our everyday relationships with people. Of course this is not your average typical Bollywood musical movie - it is an exceptional art-house Indian film.

DC F (es) wrote: Nearly as good as the one before with the same comedy style and to see Johnny Witherspoon interact with Don DC Curry is hysterical!

Riley B (us) wrote: Honestly, I think this movie is too low-brow for critics, and is just for the mainstream audience.

Julian T (kr) wrote: A truly terrible and inexcusable abortion of a film viewing experience. The stars seemingly align to make this one of the worst films I can ever recall viewing, and not that special good kind of bad; this is the straight up 'would rather eat broken glass' bad-bad. Clearly written as a wanna be Wes Craven movie as it borrows heavily from another all time horrible movie, 'Shocker'. When thinking about it, there is not even one thing this movie is able to accomplish with any shred of competency. To start with, the script is absolutely deplorable. Like 'I must have misheard what they said, because there is no way a human being would ever say that out loud.' Solidly garbage throughout with a heavy sprinkling of some of the worst lines perhaps of all time. There is no way in Hell that anything other than a chimpanzee with down-syndrome wrote and approved this sort of dialogue. It really is right up there as the worst I've ever heard. Unbelievable shit is really all I can say.The acting is only .2 degrees better. Featuring Wes Craven castoffs like Brandon Adams and Karl Hochman, and introducing us to Wil Horneff, the most horrific child actor the world has ever seen. There isn't one actor here who should have been able to book the 'Non-Speaking Extra #8' role for the Reno Community Theater without sleeping with the director first. As with the script, there is absolutely nothing positive to mention at all. All actors involved should be sterilized for the betterment of future generations.At its most basic core, the concept for the plot could have been at least interesting. A cyberspace bound killer who kills through electronic devices. Could have at least been halfway entertaining right? Not in this instance. First and foremost is that the technology on display here is the most antiquated and obsolete crap ever made. Even the computers used in the 70's would have been infinitely cooler. This theme of terrible early '90s dating isn't limited to the technology though, it oozes onto everything and somehow debilitates the film even further than its horrific script and acting allows. It just feels dirty and greasy. The plot is frittered away with meaningless scenes, mind numbing stupidity , and all around lack of tension, believability and talent.Top to bottom, this is a one of a kind soul-raping fiasco. Please do not waste a second of your time on it. So terrible that I literally couldn't bring myself to close my mouth, as it just hung open in the disbelief of the trash on display before me. If this film was a person, I would follow him home and light his house on fire.

Underrated Movie R (es) wrote: Well there goes another classic duo ruined by Hollwood. May god have mercy on your soul.

Anthony V (nl) wrote: Gary Oldman as a good guy!

WS W (de) wrote: I wonder why every British TV (or TV-movie) from the same genre looks like being molded by the same person?

Jack G (de) wrote: my least favorite Hitchcock, but not all bad.

Gavin P (br) wrote: So, I watched the almost-4-hour version and admit that it was too long and dragged, especially for the final hour. I probably would've enjoyed the 2.5 hour version more... Either way, it's still a solid gangster film, which does well to flash back to the initial forming of the gang/friendship when they're all teenagers (young Max [Jacobs] looks exactly like James Woods!) and Max and Noodles (De Niro/Tiler) set off on their shyster path. This section lays a good foundation and has charm, but meanders often. When they're in their mid-30's, it feels more strained and the film lost me at the rapes. It then turns into a mystery, with 65 year old Noodles trying to piece the last 30 years together. The ending was a big let down for me. Still, a vaunted effort.

Lenny G (us) wrote: Fairly good. I didn't know too much about Prefontaine and with my becoming a runner these past few years I found his story both fascinating and sad. He was obviously a rare talent, but I don't think the film did a good enough job at showing how he trained, how much commitment, dedication and agony it takes to compete at his level. For some reason it's easier to capture in other sports movies, but very tough in movies about running. To run at speeds like Prefontaine did it is excruciating and I don't think the film captured that. However, still very much worth seeing.