The African Queen

The African Queen

At the start of the first World War, in the middle of Africa’s nowhere, a gin soaked riverboat captain is persuaded by a strong-willed missionary to go down river and face-off a German warship.

When WWI erupts, Rose, a prim English missionary, flees German East Africa in a small boat with Charlie Allnut, a scruffy, gin-guzzling trader. And they both plot to use the boat to attack a German warship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mark v (br) wrote: Well intentioned. Living off the grid. But a complete waste of Viggo's talent. No real story line. Can't believe he was nominated for and Oscar for this.

Gloria H (ca) wrote: As a wine enthusiast, i enjoyed this film a lot!

Liliane S (fr) wrote: I wonder why they picked Baer instead of Chabat for the part of Asterix.OK but too long. Good guest stars.

Sarah (ca) wrote: It was a little slow, although there was a lot of parts to it that made me constantly curious as to what was going to happen. In the end though, not all that much did happen. It was all happy ending-ness except for little loose ends that never got dealt with. That was rather annoying. I kinda wished it was based on a true story, but I dont think it was. What did this movie teach me? Just because there are a bunch of people with guns, it doesnt mean someone will get shot.

Phil S (es) wrote: A weak remake of a classic high adventure film. The cast is mediocre and the dialog wooden.

Brian C (it) wrote: Scotty doesn't know.Eurotrip is so much fun. A foursome of teens do a (wait for it) Eurotrip for one to meet a hot girl he has been penpalling. They get into some serious hi-jinks and meet some very strange and hilarious characters.While some jokes fall pretty flat, most are good, and there is a lot of fun here.

monalisa o (us) wrote: french vampires! It's gay!

Eric H (ca) wrote: The film was a very well-done cartoon. I thought that it was a good movie and it kept my attention throughout. It made sense and would have been easy to watch outside of class. This movie is would be good for most audiences. I would not recommend that young children watch this cartoon since there is cartoon nudity. It would be acceptable for viewers age thirteen and older. The film is educational and would be a good addition to an English curriculum for high school.

Jason B (ru) wrote: Ok. Now I'm officially struggling on this BFI list lark. Kathy Burk was simply amazing but... my goodness, there weren't many laughs for a Rom Com!!! Just made me want to cuddle my family and try to be an amazing dad. Good to see an Escort MK 3 in a starring role too

Ali M (ag) wrote: Another Film About Passions Of The Blackamoores In A New Hatch By Morgan Freeman.

Rhonda W (nl) wrote: i was 13 years old when i talked my dad into letting me and my little brother see this movie without supervision. it was it was gross! it was loud! it was awesome!

Martin B (nl) wrote: Carry On goes camping.. again?Yes it's camping time again, but this time in caravans, or wait, some still have to live in tents? Never mind, the idea works for yet another movie eventhough the first one in this field was better.Main man Sid is missing but the rest of the lot works hard to fill his gap and to examine holes. (Many are archaeologists)Some side stories isn't really necessary and the story is a little less tight than usual but the pace is allright. There is slightly more up front nudity in this one than the previous episodes, but still not very much reallyDaphne Barnes: Major, I do believe you're trying to get me sloshed.Maj. Leep: Heavens above, no! There's no need to. What I mean was... only a damn swine would try and get a girl drunk first.Daphne Barnes: First?Maj. Leep: Well it would be a damn waste of time getting her drunk afterwards.

Grant H (ru) wrote: Awesome movie. Writer/director James Gunn crafts a thrilling, hilarious, disturbing sci-fi/horror/comedy that blends everything so well, including great visual effects, a wonderful script, and great performances from its cast, especially Fillion, Banks and Rooker.

Deborah C (ca) wrote: It's excellent. History, romantic, sexy, scarey, murder, a thriller and funny it has some of everything bringing a range of emotions to the table. I have watched it several times and could again, it is that good. 5 stars from me.

Richard D (fr) wrote: I expected to hate this movie. I don't hate it. As a movie that co-opted the title and some minor elements of Asimov's superb book, it's more than a bit of an outrage. As a generic sci-fi action thriller starring Will Smith, it's average ... less interesting that "Men in Black", but superior to dreck like "Independence Day" and ultimately, less of an outrage than "I Am Legend" because at least this never actually set out to be an adaptation of a great piece of science fiction literature. Feint praise ... but praise nonetheless.

Josiah C (us) wrote: A strong cast and an intriguing medieval setting make Rise of the Lycans the best installment so far.