The Aftermath

The Aftermath

After a lengthy space mission, two astronauts (Steve Barkett and Larry Latham) return to an Earth transformed by nuclear war. As renegade gangs and mutants rule Los Angeles, the astronauts join two pretty women and a couple of kids in a growing resistance movement. This sci-fi adventure follows the men as they battle bell-bottomed biker leader Cutter and his brutal gang.

Two astronauts return to earth ("a few miles off the coast of Los Angeles") to find that it has been destroyed by nuclear war. L.A. has been taken over by Cutter and his gang of outlaw ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell T (mx) wrote: Love Bollywood movies! Albeit with an unfortunate name in English, Barfi! is sweet and combines all that is fun about Bollywood with characters with autism and who are Deaf.

Karen H (gb) wrote: 2015-06-27 netflix psn pretty slow and pretty predictable

Jason Michael E (ru) wrote: very good film, well worth seeing. was expecting a bit more action to be honest but what was there was amazing. theres an interesting twist (if that's possible in a doc.) that bummed me out a bit but overall a great watch.

Donibscottctcisnet D (fr) wrote: Sort of uncomfortable to take this personal look through their eyes. No horror like I had hoped.The play for sympathy of the family is a little too heavy. That man needed help before it ever got so far! What a mess! His family turned a blind eye, and the world paid! I am not so sure how we are to know it happened this way.

Derrick N (kr) wrote: Wow! I used to enjoy this movie as young kid... Re-watching it years later, I can honestly say it's garbage. This seemed like a nickelodeon straight to tv movie. It's full of cliches such as the tall, dorky guy. Some of the worst dialogue I've ever heard. Full of so many cheesy moments, and who chose these kid actors? Seriously, they were some of the worst kid actors I've ever seen. I gave this movie two stars because it was so bad it was actually fun to watch. 1.8/5

Melinda M (nl) wrote: Sounds...interesting.

Althea M (de) wrote: My Roku box doesn't have subtitles, so I had a hell of a time following this movie. I never did figure out why the one character was feeling so murderous. It was also boring, to the point where I skipped the last 15 minutes of the movie. (There was about to be a courtroom scene, and I just couldn't take it.)

Neslihan B (de) wrote: oldukca rahatsiz edici bi konusu olmasina ragmen izlenebilen garip bi film. alan rickman ve clive owen karsilikli konustuklarinda ses tonlarinin mukemmeligi nedeniylen olsa gerek filmle ilgili butun negatif dusuncelerim yokoldu bi kere zaten.

Leonardo C (es) wrote: Meg Ryan encantadora, Billy Crystal afiadssimo, roteiro inteligente, direo competente. Um clssico, definidor do gnero.

Yvonne T (jp) wrote: Not really a horrow movie lar.. more like comedy

James R (kr) wrote: A effective War Drama with bits of areial action scnes.

Stephen E (mx) wrote: This was one of John Wayne's greatest movies that was not a western.

Conner R (au) wrote: A very interesting look at Davy Crockett, although it's very inaccurate looking. The costumes look hilarious by today's standards, they look anything but authentic. The story was extremely jumbled around to make it theatrical. Overall, it's a fun movie, but not much more than that.

Irvin C (de) wrote: This is a World War II film about Americans set in the Philippines. There are surprisingly few of those and this is probably the best one. John Ford's stunning direction of harrowing war action set pieces is only surpassed by his quiet human touch in making us care about a group of American soldiers fighting the war the best they could led by Robert Montgomery and John Wayne who probably gives his best performance outside of "The Searchers" in this film. Watch this film with Mario O'Hara's "Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos" and Kon Ichikawa's "Fire in the Plains "for the perfect triple feature on World War II era Philippines.

Justin K (it) wrote: It's your typical sports drama, but it works. Maybe I liked this film because I was a cross country runner in my own high school days, but I enjoyed this a lot. It's a good study of culture clashes as well, and how we can come together to accomplish good things despite our differences. It's a good film overall.

Heros K (us) wrote: Gives a moral lesson that anyone in this world can be replaced even if you were a legend there are people out there that can replace you