The Agronomist

The Agronomist

Documentary on Jean Dominique, Haitian radio personality and human rights activist.

The true story of Jean Dominique, a Haitian radio journalist and human rights activist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James R (us) wrote: I liked it. I thought the ladies did a nice jog of acting, especially Mamrie Hart. Reminded me of the old TV summer movie where they put all the sitcom kids in a movie. Worth a watch.

Lachlan C (kr) wrote: If you live in Sydney you will find this extra scary

Smarties S (au) wrote: A very good documentary taking us through the years from 2009 to 2100 and accessing the impact on climate changes and the effect of global warming.We need to change now on how we use energy. It is very hard for us to change unless we have 'environmetal conscious' Governments who are willing to impose environmental-friendly policies.

Kyle S (us) wrote: The follow up to the rather interesting "Smokin' Aces" with a rather power house lineup starring Jeremy Pivens and even "Common" the well known rapper and currently transformed actor that actually steals much of the spotlight in the first film. Unfortunatley the sequel lacks in just about every area the first film excelled and the first film was FAR from perfect. That being said this is a fun popcorn action movie for you and your buddies to watch when bored. Real movie fans stay away though because a romp through partial B movie action territory is all your really getting from this film.

Yanti A (de) wrote: I never thought I was ever going to watch a movie with 4% rating in RT. And I sure wouldn't see any if it's not for Julianne Moore.for half of the movie, I was thinking, "This is not that bad. How could this only have 4% on RT?" but THEN, when the story went from psychological thriller to witchy horror movie, I started to understand because all the other half way down the end, I was repeatedly saying, "What. The. Hell??" and "What. The. Fuck?!"But still, giving this 4% is a bit harsh. You need to consider the acting skill of Moore and Rhys Meyer. Which is nothing but awesome.

Kate T (ca) wrote: Definitely not interested.

Alastair H (de) wrote: A very strange premise about a rich man who pays strangers to be his family. There were a couple of laughs and a few cringe moments but there are better Christmas films out there. (16.12.12)

Heather M (br) wrote: Ullman is good in this, but Allen and his eccentric mannerisms are very distracting. The story is ridiculous and the ending is absolutely absurd.

Kevin M (es) wrote: This movie was terrible, it made no sense and wasn't funny.

Roger G (kr) wrote: The story of Kate (Meg Ryan) after being jilted by Charlie (Timothy Hutton), trying to get back at him in Cannes (where he's gone with his new girlfriend), with the help of a thief, Luc (Kevin Kline). Charlie dumps Kate long distance, from Paris, she overcomes her fear of flying for the seven hour flight from Toronto to Paris to "win him back," and just happens to sit next to Luc. Kate is used as a mule by Luc to get stolen jewelry and a grapevine clipping past customs, which he wants to sell to start his own winery. Luc teaches Kate how to play it cool to get Charlie back. But, Kate and Luc seem to have an "eye"" for one another. Who wouldn't with Meg Ryan. An interesting hour and fifty minutes as Charlie, Kate, Luc and Juliet (the new girlfriend) try to figure out who wants who. Sustained comedy lacking, and the love story predictable, but OK for viewing.

Christian C (br) wrote: Not quite powerful, but solid for a film made in the (generally) vapid 1980s.

Miguel A (es) wrote: Inteiramente dedicado criao fictcia do seu prprio mito rock (muito antes do "Behind the music", da VH-1), "Eddie and the Cruisers" consegue lembrar-nos de um tempo (a dcada de oitenta) em que vamos os filmes at ao fim na esperana de que algo mgico acontecesse. E algo de improvvel acontece realmente quando Tom Berenger faz de pianista e principal letrista na banda que d ttulo ao filme. Quando assim , at se perdoa a "Eddie and the Cruisers" o facto de gerir de modo totalmente anacrnico um reportrio de canes supostamente pertencente a 1963. Ningum acredita que em 1963 j existisse um Bruce Springsteen interpretado maneira do mais azeiteiro John Cafferty, mas essa colossal gaffe tambm faz parte do charme defeituoso de "Eddie and the Cruisers".

Justin B (es) wrote: The cruelest exploitations are often the most subtle, as I think Sembene would agree. This is indeed a stark and angry film, but somehow it's more fulfilling intellectually than emotionally (perhaps that's the point?), which might be to say that, for all the depth and personality we get from the titular character, the plot itself is a little too clean for its own good. Oh well. At any rate, Sembene's got more talent behind the camera for this, his first full-length, than most directors muster over their entire careers; nonetheless though, I think his later, and larger (both in subject and perspective) film, "Xala," is a bit better, so try that one first.

Sanity Assassin (kr) wrote: mitchum & maclaine, as always, on form. The script, although good, could have been better. Don't watch for laughs!

Senor C (ca) wrote: Although it takes a bit to find its footing & ultimately spark some interest Fiend W/out a Face ultimately pays dividends. W/ what seemed like a cheap way of saving on the budget we don't even get to see the menace that is sucking out people's brains of spinal cords for a good hour. They're just an invisible force. For a no budget film from the 50s I thought that was how it was going to be & it actually could have gotten away w/ it but thankful these brains w/ antenna materialize & the true fun begins. Our team in turmoil crack out the artillery & take to blowing the mother-fuckers away in what is pretty gory fashion for its day & age. After watching this I can't help to think that this is one of the films that influenced Raimi & Evil Dead

F B (jp) wrote: Really enjoyed this straight forward film of murder mystery and twists. Very enjoyable.

Jayakrishnan R (ru) wrote: 85%Saw this on 7/2/16Samuel L Jackson's effective performance and caring character makes this sports movie a lot more enjoyable thanks to the underlying message. However, the film can't stop itself from being too far drawn into the feel good path due to it's untimely motivational speeches in the end.