The All-American Girl

The All-American Girl

Debbie's boyfriend Bobby has left for Guatemala for three months and Debbie is expecting a boring summer. But then she hasn't considered her neighbours and their 15-year old son Johnny.

Debbie's boyfriend Bobby has left for Guatemala for three months and Debbie is expecting a boring summer. But then she hasn't considered her neighbors and their 15-year old son Johnny... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher M (ag) wrote: Wish I coulda made it more then 10 mins in to this film but the acting was BAD. Wanted to see Jeffery Combs part but, just couldn't make it through this turd of a movie.

Greg R (gb) wrote: Remarkable documentary on teen killers and life sentencing at an early age

Oliver H (mx) wrote: ...bra film vrd att se - med grymma tidsmarkrer frn 1970-talet dr drmmarna och idealen sakta r p vg att frsvinna. I sin helhet speglar filmen det som formade det Sverige vi lever i nu, i ett starkt relationsdrama som berr, med Persbrandt - i rollen som pappa - som gr en av sitt livs absolut bsta rollprestationer (med en guldbagge som skerligen vntar bakom hrnet)!!! :-)

Megan M (nl) wrote: Charming rom-com perfect for an enjoyable evening.

Saravanan R (it) wrote: A story well written in hollywood and spoiled in India... An actor admired in Billa1 destroyed here

Adam R (ru) wrote: Unoriginal fluff for the tween crowd. (First and only viewing - 11/15/2010)

Himanshu G (ca) wrote: Terrible movie. Too long. Dev does nothing in the movie except smoke and get high.

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: Tedio, Tim McGraw solo debera cantar.

May V (jp) wrote: my 1st korean movie..very good kim rae won!!

Zo P (ag) wrote: Excellent movie! It was great, the only reason that it did not deserve 5 full stars was the make out seen and the language.

Russ B (fr) wrote: 9/26/2012: Just ok. Nothing memorable or great about it.

Luke G (it) wrote: 94% Full of wit and charm, the modern telling of Cyrano de Bergerac comes to the big screen, showing off how talented Steve Marin really is.

Celeste H (ru) wrote: It was cool...and weird...

michael b (us) wrote: devil's daughter rocks

Ioanna S (br) wrote: The is by far the best movie by Kazan. It is an intense film with great performances by all the actors and particularly by Kirk Douglas, a slap to the pretentious, conservative and oppressive society. It is the search of the truth, of what is really meaningful in life even with great sacrifices and it is very unfortunate that all the user reviews did not grasp the essence. Instead much shallower films like Puss in Boots get 83% showing the decadence of our society

Peter T (de) wrote: Kate Bosworth is a classic beauty in a classic film very well directed and amazing cinematography !

Kimberly A (jp) wrote: granted, being released in the early 70's makes it not so out of the ordinary to have boobs flashed all throughout the film and multiple pseudo rape scenes - but taking that into account (the era) and the fact it's the first major role for Pam Grier - I'll be forgiving, since overall I did enjoy it - a little film history ;)

bill s (us) wrote: Sentimental,melodramatic horse $hit.

Jeffrey B (it) wrote: It starts off in one direction. Than the story goes in another. Than at the end back to the beginning. Is that the only radio station in Detroit? If you can't stand it . Change it