The Amateur Monster Movie

The Amateur Monster Movie

After a group of boy scouts are mysteriously killed by a wolf-like creature on Cadaverous Island, Walter Romero, whose best friend was among the killed, sets out to find exactly what happened. In order to reach the island, Walter teams up with Johnny Mason, neighborhood stoner, to smoke up Ashley Valinski, neighborhood hottie, and get her to take them out on her father's boat. But soon after arriving on Cadaverous Island, a horde of zombies steals their boat, leaving them stranded, and the three are forced to team up with two cops, the mayor, and a team of botanists to either kill the monsters... or be killed themselves..... DUN-DUN-DUN!!!

The greatly idiotic Walter Romero takes on an island of zombies and a bloodthirsty werewolf to avenge his boy scout buddy with the help of his doe-eyed crush, Ashley Valinski, and hapless stoner, Johnny Mason. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quintaviaa M (es) wrote: it is a good movie true 100

Tim B (nl) wrote: For what is essentially a Bollywood version of "The Full Monty", and for a first time director, this is a slick film. Entertaining, and despite some gaping plot holes, the characters are likeable and often funny.

Paul K (it) wrote: I'm a big fan of Marianne Faithfull. Eleanor was a bit doubtful about the 'pornographic element' of the movie, but I'm OK with that - it's a light and very funny tale grafted onto a specific locale. It has a good heart too, which I find important in a film. It's a tale rather than a simple depiction of a real situation, but none the worse for that. Nice one, Marianne. A brave choice.

Aaron M (es) wrote: not good hangover fodder..... aims high... fails and is kinda silly

Denis M (es) wrote: watch it 1000 times!


Greg V (es) wrote: This film confirms that the United States doesn't have the monopoly on bad acting. A movie from the Philippines, its fun bits include bad Foley overdubbing of footsteps (check out the hard heels clicking on the cemetery grass), yellow smoke that materializes from nowhere with no explanation, recitation of lines that sounds like it is coming from pre-high school level readers looking at cue cards without their glasses, and makeup that looks like it cost at least ten dollars. Good points: Julia's mini-skirts, a TITillating love scene early in the proceedings, repeated boob grabbing (et cetera), cool prison window bars made of rubber, the number 69, and apparently, James Brown playing the "werewolf/Mr. Hyde" character. There are some interesting changes in lighting that may be due to different film stock, the main actor's (heavily resembling Glenn Frey from the Eagles) occasional lapses into a Southern accent (possibly due to his Elvis hair and sideburns when not a monster), a nurse who doesn't know how to perform CPR correctly and gives up almost immediately to boot, a detective who says he will question the FOX (I think he meant facts, but hey, accents can change, see above), a devil cult leader who I believe is supposed to be the devil himself (they don't really prove or disprove this idea), and crazy out-of-control islanders (the Beatles SAID this place - the Philippines - was a nut house!). So, what's the story? Well, the main guy is supposed to be returned to life due to the actions of the cult leader or devil guy. Why? Confusingly written. It seems as though it forgets its own plot as it plods along. Another promising love-a-rub-dub scene culminates in another monster transformation, and he eludes the cops, fleeing off into the night, or is it day, or is it night? (the sky keeps changing) The monster flees to a blind man's hut since he was earlier helped by him. The wife is catatonic after finding James Brown in her bed in place of her Elvis husband. Soon, the blind man helps him elude the cops and the trigger-happy soldiers that are helping them. Then, they suddenly for no reason turn around to give up, but blind man gets shot by a soldier anyway. Dying, he asks the monster to pray for him. When the monster finally starts to, one of the cops shoots him, and this time the bullets work (for the whole movie they have had no effect on him). Everyone stands around to watch him die and change back to his Elvis self, only now his hair is gray (since he's supposed to be "originally" much older than his reincarnated version) but he lacks any wrinkles. Must have been that South Seas air. Finally, we see a snake in the trees who apparently is talking with the voice of the devil guy, as the yellow smoke yet again returns. There is no yellow night anywhere in the film, and the "beast" is out during the day as well as the night, so not sure where the title came from. Rating: D?

Daniel K (ag) wrote: 3: It's an intriguing and shocking mix of prime & proper and risque & vulgar. Belmondo gives a nearly pitch perfect performance as the smoldering yet restrained priest. The vulgar parts just jump out at you out of the blue as well, which makes them that much more effective. It's a simple story that deals with very abstract and serious philosophical concepts in a fairly honest and deep manner. I can think of few other films that contain this much dialogue endeavoring to explore the concepts of faith, spirituality, and religion. It is a harsh and somewhat disheartening story as well. I didn't find it particularly engrossing or enjoyable, but it is very well done, as I would expect from Melville.