The Amazing Adventure

The Amazing Adventure

A bored millionaire wagers his doctor that he can support himself at a working class job for year without touching his inheritance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Siggi C (ag) wrote: A triumph of endearment, courage, and togetherness..

Nicolas M (jp) wrote: C'est assez bizarre ce film... Dj, difficile de le situer temporellement, on est clairement pas de nos jours (plutt au milieu des annes 80) mais en mme temps, y a des petites bourdes qui font tiquer (genre le manager et sa perruque Scoobidoo qui parle de buzz). La musique (pourtant crite par Yarol Poupeau, ex-FFF) est catastrophique, une espce de rockabilly la sauce comdie musicale chante par une sorte de Pascal Obispo hirsute. Et l dessus viennent se mettre tous les clichs qu'on attend d'un film de ce genre : le leader charismatique mal dans sa peau et autodestructeur, le guitariste tnbreux qui se le traine comme un boulet, le batteur qui se tape la productrice (Abraham Belaga qui ressemble Jrmie Michalak avec des poils et des centimtres), le bassiste qui est l'lment srieux du groupe (Jules Pelissier, ex Nouvelle Star), la groupie qui fait sa Yoko Ono, la petite s?ur amoureuse, la drogue, les embrouilles pour une fille... Sex, drug & rock n roll quoi. Avec Philippe Man?uvre en caution "rock" on top.Reste que j'aime bien Marc-Andr Grondin, que Elisa Sednaoui joue parfaitement son rle d'grie vnneuse et sublime, que j'aime toujours les films sur les groupes de potes... mais a rattrape pas les nombreuses maladresses (a manque cruellement de quelque chose tout a) et la fin pouet pouet.

Daryl L (fr) wrote: A total waste of time.

Tommy B (es) wrote: i regret spending time and money on this movie.

eJana (us) wrote: In fact I am not sure whether I saw the film or not... but the book was pretty impressive. ... well now I had a look at the trailer and I am sure that yes, I have seen it and liked it very much....

Noname (it) wrote: Quite okey comedy / martial art movie with soccer involved. This one is similar to Kung Fu Hustle. Funny scenes and special effects makes this one worth seeing.

Arash B (us) wrote: "This is the only way that you can hope to survive. Because life... is not a movie. Everyone lies. Good guys lose. And love... does not conquer all" I really liked the plot the conclusion & the characters' interactions & lines in the climax is great but the movie could have been better, more convincing & more realistic, Overall this was a refreshing experience for me & it has two brilliant perfs by Spacey & Whaley, Whaley is an underrated actor

Tim W (fr) wrote: Sharon Stone is gorgeous, but other than that it's all predicatable.

Nirav P (ru) wrote: Drugs, Love, Sex, Family, and Crime are the many themes of this movie. Feroz and Anil are amazing as the two bros. on two sides of the law. Go watch, Janbaaz

james k (au) wrote: that's not corn, hippie.

WS W (ru) wrote: Fairly impressive, even though it's a little bit dragging in the middle.Ah, Franois Truffaut was there in the cast too, just saying.

Caleb M (es) wrote: Brilliantly entertaining. The first fifteen minutes is masterful. After that it gets a little routine, but it's never dull. I love watching hot chicks kick the shit out of people and each other.

Ben S (es) wrote: Suspenseful and surprisingly (and at times shockingly) violent, "Went the Day Well?" holds up very well decades after its release.

Alexander G (es) wrote: D grade movie , maybe with better actors and funding it could actually pass as a movie


Jonathan R (it) wrote: The perfect movie about first love.