The American Dream

The American Dream

Armed with dreams that extend beyond their block, Luis and Ronald, two best friends from Los Angeles, videotape their last 36 hours before shipping off to Afghanistan. One hundred days before Obama's inauguration, these young men have joined the Marines together to face the obstacles and circumstances that seem to overwhelm their passage into manhood. Luis wants to be a filmmaker and Ronald wants to travel the world and raise a family. Through the lens of Luis's video camera, they capture their friends, family members and places they call home - to remember who they are and where they come from. In their darkest hour, they turn on the video camera for the last time and document the final moments of their journey home. They soon realize that their dreams and promises of a new life mean nothing in a place called War.

Armed with dreams that extend beyond their block, Luis and Ronald, two best friends from Los Angeles, videotape their last 36 hours before shipping off to Afghanistan. One hundred days ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael A (de) wrote: Yet another movie that prove Flixster "reviewers are morons.This is a very funny,and touching movie.

Frank B (it) wrote: waited for it to liven up but gave up an hour this one to the moon - lacks atmosphere.......

Jamie C (es) wrote: A very gripping entertaining thriller that has a plot that's been used a few times but adds its own twist to it, Some great performances apart from Mos Def who for some reason sounds like he's brain damaged which ruined allot of the films main scenes, Some nice twists and turns and very cleverly wrote even if it feels gritty and clunky sometimes, It's not quite edge of your seat stuff but it's great entertainment and well done.

James B (mx) wrote: Very good documentary on Punk - it's origins to it's status today. The information is stuff I sort of already knew but I learnt a lot more and realised I like some of the bands on there that I have never bothered listening to. I also feel as though my generation has little to say politically with music. I feel as the 1960's, 1970's and even the 1980's had a lot more of a voice with it's music, and better bands really. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who enjoys good music.

Private U (it) wrote: Even though I'm a guy, I can admit that this is one of those movies that will make you cry. The title music and the song "Le chale" is an outstanding that you can never get tired of playing on your Guitar. Amitabh Varma is at his best at writing poetry and Vivek Phillip's music goes straight to the heart. Sanjay Suri impressed me in his cameo role in "Dhoop", but he has acted out of his skin in this movie and deserves an award for his acting. His poignancy and facial expressions reminded me of Raj Kapoor at times. Great movie about a very serious issue. The soundtrack is superb as well. Other than the Le Chale song, there are some instrumental versions too, which are great. Other actors acted well too. I give it 10/10

Chiek E (gb) wrote: Admirable attempt by Liev Schreiber as a director of this film. Liev, whom we loved as an actor, made this quiet, artistic, cultural cathartic movie on Jews. Far removed from the action packed movies which we have have come to expect of him.

Ian G (ca) wrote: less than the sum of its parts.

Logan M (ru) wrote: When it's not being scathingly hilarious, it's being profoundly-thought provoking.

Pierluigi P (kr) wrote: The wanderings of the wittiest eighteen century bastard-gentleman. An enormous Albert Finney and an equally great supporting cast give life to Tony Richardon's vivacious, rhythmic and cunning storytelling. Full of charm.

mike t (mx) wrote: This is one of the rare occasions where a Horror Remake that supersedes the original (The Thing, The Fly). The special effects and story points really helps turn the fun B-Movie from the 50's into a fun B-Movie of the 80's.

Steve N (fr) wrote: Highly glamorized Hollywood biopic of Henry M. Stanley's search for Christian missionary Dr. David Livingstone in 1871 is mostly remembered for the stunning location photography that came into vogue in the 1930s when cameras got light enough and film emulsions fast enough to make that kind of shooting less onerous. Co-director Otto Brower shot 100,000 feet of film following Stanley's course through central Africa and the footage was expertly blended with the scenes shot on stage by Henry King to endow an otherwise mundane adventure story with an epic quality rare for the time. None of the principal actors ever set foot in Africa! Tracy elevates an otherwise odious historical figure to a disturbingly sympathetic level by shifting Stanley's motivation from cynical fortune-seeking to winning the heart of Nancy Kelly, a worthwhile endeavor any time. Walter Brennan seems out of place as a former Indian-fighter shadowing Tracy across Africa, but he does provide some much-needed energy to an otherwise languid cast. Tracy later recalled that he had a hell of a time keeping a straight face delivering the famous line: "Doctor Livingstone, I presume?"

Nicola W (ca) wrote: Seen this years ago and just watched it again and it's still brilliant. Very clever terrorist plot.

Fred V (ca) wrote: Eurotrip is quite lame, but to its credit, its definately highly entertaining and well-presented with a likeable cast and grrreat cameo's of superactors. Its full of European inaccuraties, but of course its not about that, its about the ride. the robot joke, the creepy Italian lick-his-face, the brother and sister makeout scene, the Eastern European debauchery, 'Scotty doesn't know', all excellently done. I like this movie!

Dann M (it) wrote: Based on the popular video game, Hitman is an action-packed (if not somewhat generic) film that's entertaining and fun. The story follows an elite assassin who's been contracted to kill the Russian President, but things go sideways when he discovers that he's been betrayed by his employer and setup to be killed. Starring Timothy Olyphant, Olga Kurylenko, and Robert Knepper, the film has a good cast. And, the action sequences are exciting and suspenseful. But the plot is formulaic and the characters are standard action film stereotypes. Still, for a shoot 'em up thriller, Hitman gets the job done.

Stephen L (ag) wrote: This movie is a comedy that people of all ages can enjoy, with the jokes and stupid things in this movie it could make anyone laugh. In the movie Napoleon is living at his grandma's house with his 32 year old brother and his Uncle Rico to come take care of them. Napoleon is just trying to make it through his high school year without getting bullied. Eventually Napoleon meets his best friend Pedro who moved from Mexico. Napoleon helps Pedro run for class president, against the most popular girl in the school. This movie can motivate people like Napoleon, to become successful from even being one of the most unpopular people at the school. Napoleon's Uncle is a jock who is always trying to show off how far he can throw a football. Napoleon likes to say words like nerd, retard, fricken, and idiot, and some people may not approve of this kind of humor. But this movie also has some good messages in it and can brighten your day with a good laugh. If you're looking for a good comedy then go and watch Napoleon Dynamite.