The Amityville Curse

The Amityville Curse

Five people spend the night in an abandoned house, the Amityville haunted house, and soon find themselves terrorized by assorted ghosts, venomous insects and ghostly apparitions.

Five people spend the night in an abandoned house, the Amityville haunted house, and soon find themselves terrorized by assorted ghosts, venomous insects and ghostly apparitions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Amityville Curse torrent reviews

Darren B (es) wrote: Solid animated Batman movie!! One of the best in my opinion.

Karen A (de) wrote: All the makings of a great movie (Jim Broadbent, Notting Hill connection) .... What a let down. Pretentious, awkward and just strange.

Joel T (gb) wrote: There's a simple reason you must see this film, and it's something the synopses don't make clear enough: This is not a film about a war, is it a film of a war. That's right, they shot the thing during the actual war. Apart from the lead actors, everybody in this film appears as themselves. From the distraught relatives to the guys at the taxi rank, nobody is acting. It's all real. And because the director was basically making it up as he went (very skillfully I must add), the actors are not always acting either. This is my first ever review of a film on RT even though I've used the site for years. That's how blown away I am.(It loses half a star for a totally unnecessary sex scene.)

Robin T (au) wrote: Not a movie for every taste because it deals with the sex business, but deals realistically with a mother's going above and beyond for her grandchild. A parallel story line is a love story between her and the club owner. I had sympathy for her so the story worked for me.

Luke D (jp) wrote: I have no idea why this film has such a low rating don't let that put you off if you loved dog soldiers you will love this film it's creepy twists and interactions between people in the film is tense it also has a lot of violence which I still don't know why it is a 15 still though watch this film I loved it.

Shajie K (ca) wrote: 22/12/12 - LonesomeA sad story but with a happy ending to make it easier i guess. It did make me laugh at the beginning. Defo worth a watch!-SPOILERS-Police Woman arrests the wrong guy twice they fall in love and he dies, but he lives on in the wind and sets her up with another guy.

Mo M (us) wrote: Its not a disney magnum opus, but if its playing on tv ill watch it

Stevie J (kr) wrote: Unbelievably stupid.

Sylvester K (ru) wrote: Pecker is hilarious, perfectly displayed what it is like growing up in Baltimore. Although it may not have been Waters' greatest films, but it still has it's quirky charms. I couldn't possibly compare it to other films, but it's a big step for Waters to move mainstream. I love all the actors, Edward Furlong is perfect to play the titular role. I was so emotionally drawn to Pecker, he's the younger version of Waters himself, how fascinating.

John A (br) wrote: A Television Movie Which Features 3 Short Stories Directed By Horror Masters John Carpenter & Tobe Hooper. Carpenter Stars As The Host Of The Film A Small Town Coroner Who Tells The Story Of How 3 People Which Are In Body Bags Died. The First 2 Stories Are Directed By Carpenter & Are Entitled "The Gas Station" & "Hair", While The Last Story Entitled "Eye" Is Directed By Hooper. These Stories Are Basic But The Music, Direction & The Performances From The Actors Make This Film An Enjoyable Experience.

John Y (mx) wrote: Really great western. It takes a lot of historical liberties, but it's great old fashioned fun.

Russell G (mx) wrote: "Maybe I love them to much..."If anyone wants to know what a noir film is, you can't get more arch-typical then this one. Fred MacMurray is fantastic as the poor sap who loses control. Kim Novak plays an unwitting femme fatle that allows this film to have it's own nitch instead of feeling like a replay of other films. Great stuff.