The Angels Wash Their Faces

The Angels Wash Their Faces

A young man just released from a reformatory moves to a new neighborhood with his sister, intending to start a new life. However, he gets mixed up with the local mob boss and corrupt politicians and soon finds himself being framed for an arson and murder he didn't commit.

A young man just released from a reformatory moves to a new neighborhood with his sister, intending to start a new life. However, he gets mixed up with the local mob boss and corrupt ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edward T (jp) wrote: Very good, fictional civil war and civil rights film

Brett W (es) wrote: I'm being lenient with 2-1/2 stars, but I still enjoyed it, mostly. The dialogue can get groan-worthy after a while, but I'd still ay if you're up for an honest B-movie, give it a watch. It's more entertaining than Tree of Life.

Akilo R (jp) wrote: Freaking hilarious. We're still laughing about this movie

Liy D (de) wrote: Silly movie and a bit too grotesque

Robbie N (kr) wrote: An alright movie, I won't be too harsh on, but there was no doubt room for improvement. The storyline feels recycled and generic, as well as the jokes. Rowan Atkinson does the best he can to save, and his humor keeps it from rolling really downhill.

David Ray G (us) wrote: A mediocre, but watchable film, worth it only for Ezra Miller and his tendency to play characters that are quirky and insane. Jesse McCartney looked so old in this film, and had so much make-up on he was actually scary. A nice film on freedom of speech and what it can cause. Had some original points, but it didn't escape the cliches of teenage films.

Andy S (ag) wrote: In the "follow your dreams" Dance movie genre this one isn't hideous... just predictable, cliche and "chick-flickey", but then again why did I even bother watching this knowing what I was gonna get. I have a secret crush on the dangerously cute (and Hot) Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who played Lucy McClaine in "Live Free or Die HArd"). She's a knockout and a damn decent dancer as well. This film, in itself, is a snore. It should have really popped with high energy editing and tight choreograpy, but instead it was mediocre in both departments. BUT for a flick made for 15 year old girls it could have been much worse im sure. Its a low rent version of FLASHDANCE but with the bent being that it highlights "Burlesque" dancing. SILLY. Just gimme more MARY E. in tighter outfits for the direct-to-dvd sequel please.

Chrisand T (ru) wrote: So funny... simply must see

Bruce R (fr) wrote: Really awful. About the only good thing is the music and even that gets monotonous after a while. A couple of moderately amusing lines but they are not a good excuse for a movie-length film! Avoid at all costs.

jesse k (ca) wrote: I forgot how old this movie is. This was before Williams killed himself. I call this movie Mrs. DIRTfire.

Ray C (ca) wrote: Best Movie Mel Brooks ever made!!

Stella D (de) wrote: great cynical screwball comedy starring the loveliest and most elegant comedienne of any era, ms carole lombard

Carrie T (us) wrote: Bridge to Terabithia carries the darker themes of loss and bullying while also showing the wonders of imagination from a child's view.

Ro D (jp) wrote: only Woody can make a musical like this

Josh S (us) wrote: funny. wasn't expecting dean martin to play himself.

Trevor F (mx) wrote: Seriously funny movie that for some reason people didn't find funny. For those of you, you are idiots. The change that Siegel goes through is hilarious, and who doesn't love Super Bunny. I don't get it why people didn't like this, but this movie is great.

Matt R (ru) wrote: One of the most unique documentaries I've ever seen and an insightful and endlessly interesting peek into the mind of a screen icon