The Angry Silence

The Angry Silence

A young factory worker stands alone against a proposed strike.

A young factory worker decides to stand up against his work-mates and fellow union members when they want to hold a wildcat strike. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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re m (mx) wrote: This film seems to have for-shadowed events in 2013. ( not a bad film on its own cinematic merits, either. )

Mahir T (fr) wrote: If this doesn't win a BAFTA for best British film in 2009. What will?

James H (nl) wrote: Decent film, but nothing special. It tends to be a little slow moving. The characters are nicely developed but it's a bland story. Easily forgettable. It is a pleasure to see Patricia Neal though.

Viktor I (mx) wrote: Let's get this over and done with.. Acting= average, Storyline= average, Photography= average, Editing= average; HENCE THE 50% RATING I GAVE IT. Shame, because this could have been a little Ken Loach-esque masterpiece :-(

Suhas S (br) wrote: Refreshing love story with witty dialogues and soft narration ....

Yannick D (fr) wrote: A number of things are bizarre about this one. Most notably how its syrupy Sunday-afternoon-TV-movie conceit contorts itself into a ludicrous three hour runtime.

Alec H (it) wrote: Fry is great, but the film suffers from an excess of 90s-era fluff

Dustin P (ag) wrote: pleasantly surprised by this. I liked all the acting, and Ridley Scott's directing never lets me down. I think this is probably his weakest effort, and we've seen most of the plot before, but it's still worth catching.

Javier V (jp) wrote: Debo decir que aunque tenga 33% de calificacin a mi me agrada. Incluso el concepto en el que est planteada como una visin post mortem tanto de Juana como de El Delfn, las culpas y las no culpas, resulta diferente a lo acostumbrado sobre todo en versin cinematogrfica porque Rosselinni hizo algo "similar" pero realmente era una pera grabada en cine y resultaba bastante teatral. Aqu descubrimos a una Jean Seberg que debuta de una forma muy limpia y que si bien no es la mejor cinta sobre Juana de Arco, s creo que su actuacin puede ser destacable.

Dj Little Angel V (nl) wrote: Obviously campy in nature, this movie was hilarious. I actually saw it at the infamous "Tiffin" theater here in Chicago back in the 70's. the audience roared and screamed all through the show. wow what fun we had. Hey Believe it or not, a lot of work went into the set design and how can you go wrong with the marvelous Peter Cushing. 4 stars for being an awesome childhood memory :)

Steve D (es) wrote: Good prequel that makes up for the horrible sequels. A little to gory though

Mike S (br) wrote: Really noble story. I wish it would happen more often for troubled kids in poor neighborhoods. The story was really fresh and original but the film as a whole lacked too much and i found myself to be sucked out of the story thinking of how this film can be better. Overall it's a decent film.

Cooper H (nl) wrote: Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are both great but the films tone is all over the place, ending in a weird, quirky crime drama. The mystery is fun to follow, but it plays out almost too long and without many twists.