The Apartment

The Apartment

A stylish suspense thriller that confounds the audience while presenting them with an extraordinary and elusive mystery. Max is a former playboy who has decided to settle down by marrying his current love, Muriel. However, during a business trip, Max catches a glimpse of the great lost love of his life, reviving his wanderlust and sending him off on a chase of the elusive Lisa, whom he had overheard suggesting to a friend that her lover, Daniel, had killed someone for her. Soon, Max is trying to unravel the mystery behind the suspicious death of Daniel's wife, which he hopes will lead him closer to Lisa.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:116 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:French,English,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Max is on his way to Tokyo. He lives in Paris and likes to flirt but has decided to get married. By chance, he seems to have seen Lisa, his greatest love, in a cafe. Max forgets everything,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ker Malkin G (kr) wrote: I thought this movie was going to be awesome. My bad.

Quinton P (fr) wrote: I quite enjoyed this,. You can see Hayao Miyazaki's touch, even if this wasn't all him, it's worth the watch.

Daisy H (us) wrote: The acting is good but I definitely missed the point of this one.

Barbara G (gb) wrote: Vale pela parte da Chle Sevigny com a Michelle Williams.Mas no geral bem composto pelas trs partes representativas de fases histrias e sociais distintas, bem bacana.

Doug C (mx) wrote: For the cult film crew only. Middle era John Waters.. his commentary tracks are some of the best.

Peter A (ca) wrote: As far as silent films go, this is decent. Expressionist sets are interesting to interpret but anti-semitic themes are disturbingly evident.

Lenny R (kr) wrote: Solid, edgy detective story with an immersive, slow-burning style and a supercool 60s vibe. The plot is sometimes a little hard to follow (it took me a few viewings to make sense of it), but that doesn't matter most of the time, because it gets by on vibe alone. McQueen is in top form, as is Robert Vaughn. Jacqueline Bisset does a great job of portraying Cathy's relatively sheltered humanity, an interesting (and necessary) counterpoint to Frank's hard-boiled, detached approach to his work. The sun-bleached San Francisco streets look amazing, and suit the film's tone just right - it's kind of like a bright, sunny film noir. The score is among Lalo Schifrin's best (which is saying something), and is to be admired as much for its restraint (Lalo knows when to let the ambient sounds speak for themselves, eg in the car chase) as for its smooth, jazzy noodling. And that famous car chase is still mind-blowing, over forty years on. A classic in every way.

Alexandre S (ag) wrote: vu la fin au "Cinma de Minuit" sur France 3 ce dimanche 20 juin 2010 vers 1h du matin !

Brandon C (fr) wrote: Anger's film tries to be a Lucifer Rising but only half-achieves the effect. An eerie resonance and some crazy images make it worth the 40 minutes of your time, though.

Rob L (fr) wrote: This movie is dumb. I get tired of movies about sluts, which is all this one is. The acting is good by Mary Pickford, but that is about it. Plus it's an early talkie and the actors didn't really know how to do that.

Tom V (fr) wrote: 4 Stars because this is a movie you can watch over and over again. Definitely in the Top 10 movies to watch while you're blazing. ;-)

Joseph M (br) wrote: Amazing cinematography