The Ape Man

The Ape Man

Scientist turned into an ape man

Conducting weird scientific experiments, crazed Dr. James Brewster, aided by his colleague Dr. Randall, has managed to transform himself into a hairy, stooped-over ape-man. Desperately ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Ape Man torrent reviews

Brandon G (ru) wrote: Fantastic film! This isn't another white missionary documentary. This a film about a man who saw a great need and was overwhelmed with compassion and gave everything up that he had in the name of love. A must see!

John S (fr) wrote: The problem i have with this film is the same problem I've had with Godard's post-French New Wave films. Namely, this problem is that I can admit that they are good films, but I didn't particularly enjoy them. Unlike most fans, i actually very much prefer his films of the 60's rather than the 80's-present. I just found this film to be very dragging and tiresome. If this was released in the 60's, i would be impressed, i wouldn't be any more entertained, but I would at least be impressed. But with over 50 years to come up with new and relevant ideas, this film very much disappoints. It was bridging on cliche and repetitive (when looking at Godard's past films). This may sound weird, but if my subs were in the "navajo english" it was supposed to be (my subs were fine most of the time) i would have enjoyed this film much more, and it would have been more interesting. I would also admit that the first half of the film was very beautifully done, and very interesting, captivating, and intriguing. But I just became very bored and uninterested and I actually contemplated turning it off (I've never done that, i try to sit through any film i watch no matter how bad)But I can still appreciate this film for how good it is technically, emotionally, and intellectually. I feel like I should watch it again, but I don't want to.

Cynthia S (es) wrote: A lesson in morality here. Even I was torn between right and wrong at the end of this...and I consider myself a rather good, moral person. Well done. Great acting by all. Dermot Mulroney was fantastic.

Jaret M (es) wrote: For special effects only...

Kenewseah C (es) wrote: This movie is my ish!

Shera S (fr) wrote: it's really not that great, but i still love it.

George B (ru) wrote: One of my favorite Disney movies ever.

Costel S (ag) wrote: I saw the documentary when I was young, I recall only poverty and show the world in its splendor

Daniel E (de) wrote: An alright movie not the best though. She takes out a lot of scumbags though glad it had a nice ending.

Joshua C (it) wrote: There was something about Peeples that made it really bland. It was more like a mystery film than a comedy-drama. It kept you wondering what was going to happen next... and it wasn't surprising.

Bheema D (nl) wrote: So it WAS overrated after all

William H (mx) wrote: We saw the movie, truly and inspiring film.

Russell L (es) wrote: Cold war spy movie is filled with tension and suspense.