The April Fools

The April Fools

Newly-promoted if none too happily married Howard Brubaker leaves a rowdy Company party early with the stunning Catherine, whom it turns out is herself unhappily married - to the boss. They spend an innocent night in New York becoming more and more attracted to each other, so that when Catherine announces she intends to leave her husband and return to Paris Howard asks to go along too. In the cold light of morning problems and pressures from spouses crowd in

Newly-promoted if none too happily married Howard Brubaker leaves a rowdy Company party early with the stunning Catherine, whom it turns out is herself unhappily married - to the boss. They... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe E (kr) wrote: on par with the original.. maybe even better

Christopher H (es) wrote: Super sexualized, "Breaking The Girls" brings double crosses and a "Strangers On A Train" plot to the world of sexy twenty-somethings messing with sexual boundaries and continuously twisting agendas. Madeline Zima leads the pack, as the promiscuous Alex, struggling to hold onto her last connection with her stepfather, despite his new wife's (her ex) disdain for her. Always convincing and enigmatically sexy, Zima does her best to keep this film running smoothly despite its sometimes awkward plot twists. Agnes Bruckner as Sara, becomes the protagonist, as she loses her job, scholarship, and housing thanks to the prissy, know-it-all, Brooke (Shanna Collins) who has a personal vendetta against her since her boyfriend, Eric (Shawn Ashmore), has the hots for her. It becomes Alex's plan to trade murders with Sara as to lose all motives, but when Sara can't hold up her end of the bargain, things get messy. Similar to films like "Wild Things", with ever changing alliances and motivations, Jamie Babbit's "Breaking The Girls" becomes too heavy to handle by the end, and with one twist after another, they simply fail to register at a certain point, losing credibility and losing distinguishable dialogue. However sexy this film may be, there's not quite enough here to keep it feeling more like a made-for-TV movie rather than a fully formed feature film.

Ollie W (br) wrote: A really enjoyable kids movie.

Maddy A (de) wrote: so pooooooooooooooooor...expectd so much

Jessica P (fr) wrote: The guy just randomly getting drunk while everyone dies is the best thing about this film. Hilarious.

James D (ca) wrote: I own it, so I might as well see it once.

Robert I (nl) wrote: One of the worst video game movies ever made. Bad, bad, SUPER BAD!

Mart K (us) wrote: Fresh. Vibrant. Nonsensical. Teasing. Liberating. Yet whenever key characters meet their unforeseen out of the blue violent end (be it in a novel like Genius and Goddess by Huxley or on blue screen) it tricks me into thinking that either someone has run out of ideas or the budget's talking. Nevertheless, time well spent.

Meilian S (mx) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Sherry L (de) wrote: Watching Les Vampires has to be one of the most fashinating experiences you can get from moviewatching. Realising that the moviemakers kind of knew their stuff back then as well as now, and the fact that good movies can completely spellbound you, no matter if it was made in 1915 or a hundred years later. 7 and a half hour is Louis Feuillade's Les Vampires (1915), but there is not one dull minute! I advise you though specially if not used to watching silent movies, to watch one episode and then when you feel ready, watch the next. I was amazed through the whole picture. So incredibly entertaining, creative and action-packed! A masterpiece, all through. This not a vampire-movie in that sense with bloodsucking, Dracula and silver crucifix, like many of you may think when just having heard the title. Les Vampire is the name of the gang of bandits that are terrorizing the parisians. In every episode we follow the reporter Phillipe (the Vampire's worst enemy), and his fellow Mazamette and their attempts to defeat the evil gang led by Le Grand Vampire (the title of their leader that once in a while got killed and replaced) and the vamp Irma Vep (anagram for vampire). It's actually a series of movies, with the first episode released in november 1915 and the last one in june 1916. These are the english titles if the ten episodes. (Yes, there are alternative english titles as well, but since I think it would be too much information I decided just to write these...:) The Severed Head The Killer Ring The Red Cypher The Ghost The Escaping Dead Man The Hypnotic Gaze Satanas The Thunder Lord The Poisoner Bloody Wedding

Barbara W (kr) wrote: Harsh Times was a waste of my's movie to much bad language.