The Arab, The Camel, and P. Madhavan Nair

The Arab, The Camel, and P. Madhavan Nair

Madhavan finally falls in love and decides to marry his girl. But a late night incident forces Madhavan to take a crazy journey.

Madhavan Nair (Mohanlal) has over the years, finally managed to start leading a comfortable life in Abudhabi, when Meenakshi (Lekshmi Rai) drops into his life from heaven. Love strikes, and in no time breaks, and a disheartened Nair finds himself lost in the desert along with Abdu (Mukesh), who spells disaster. The duo runs into Eliana (Bhavana), who has been kidnapped, and together they devise a new plan to mint some easy money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Arab, The Camel, and P. Madhavan Nair torrent reviews

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (ru) wrote: well this is just 2 much xD

Lily F (fr) wrote: Nunca te vayas sin decir "Te Quiero"

Craig H (mx) wrote: Wasn't sure about this movie, I felt it took awhile to get into it. Didn't really enjoy the storyline of this film. (22.03.14)

Jim M (au) wrote: why all the vitriol?did anyone else bother to actually watch this movie?I rather liked it and the music was wonderful

Conrad T (it) wrote: Some action scenes. Tense moments quickly neutralized by lousy ringtone or shaky heartbeat stopping scenes.

Ilja S (ca) wrote: Maybe just as over the top as its predecessor, but much better written, less lazy, and overall very cool. Not as intriguing as the first movie, but to me more enjoyable, and definately rewatchable.

Wilman A (ag) wrote: It`s a pity because there is a lot of good cast appeared in this movie.Don`t waste your time watch this movie. Just skip this one.