The Arroyo

The Arroyo

40 Miles north of America's southern border, nightfall marks the beginning of a mass migration of men and drugs the likes of which the world has never seen.

40 miles north of America's southern border, nightfall marks the beginning of a mass migration of men and drugs the likes of which the world has never seen. For the ranchers whose acreage ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Markellus R (it) wrote: It's been a year since the election that made history, and now that we've moved on back to our normal lives, that united feeling is gone away. Maybe that's just me. This movie is a great reminder of how it felt those months leading up to (spoiler alert) Obama's win. The great thing about this film is that these two women thought they were just following this energetic Illinois senator around. They had no idea they were inside of one the most significant moments in history. That gives the footage a fly on the wall perspective that I've rarely seen in a documentary. Right after watching it, I knew this was a must own for the library.

Alex B (de) wrote: Starts off well, then just becomes crap when the big twist happens. The twist doesn't make sense, it's not profound and it completely destroys the movie. The issue is that it's the sort of philosophical revelation you'd come to expect from a pot head trying to do a gore horror picture. "I mean we can't have it just be nearly 100 minutes of women getting beaten up, we need a reason for them to do it. How about we do something about seeing god in pain, like killing someone without killing them, you know that kind of deepness."

Angie M (jp) wrote: Oh Jessica Yu, why so awesome? Nice mix of live action and narration, the perfect kind of documentary: about the singular vision and secret inner world of the kind of person you may pass on the street and never know about. Delish.

Timeen (br) wrote: Typical movie of Corey Haim.....nothing much to comment on another dud.

Allan C (it) wrote: I remember this coming out when I worked at a video store and thinking it was weird to see Drew Barrymore move from child actor ("ET," "Firestarter," "Cats Eye" etc.) into a more mature teen role, before her better known transitional films like "Poison Ivy" or "The Amy Fisher Story." The story here is a lurid thriller set in an Arizona trailer park, with Barrymore and her dad, Matt Frewer, finding themselves stuck in a trailer park. The trailer part is run by Susan Tyrrell and who's other residents include Richard Masur, Anthony Rapp and Jennifer Tilly, A series of murders start occurring at the park and the mystery of who's committing the murders is the main crux of the film, although the mystery isn't all that mysterious for anyone who's ever watched a thriller before. Written by Tommy Lee Wallace, who wrote the mini-series adaptation of "It" and the underrated "Halloween III: Season of the Witch," it's not a brilliant script, but the film does have a trashy appeal to it., even if the mystery isn't much of one. You also get Dick Miller as the town sheriff, so that never hurts.

Jared C (ru) wrote: At the risk of spoiling the movie, allow me to explain what the bad guys are up to here. They're abducting marines, cloning them, enchancing them with gene-splicing and cybernetics, and teaching them the deadly art of ninjistu. In other words, it's the most awesome Evil Plan ever. They think they've covered all the angles, but they didn't count on Dude-ikoff, the American Ninja, coming around and f**king up their s**t.

Dennis H (jp) wrote: What a waste of time. Fuck this movie.

Simon D (nl) wrote: Not really what I was expecting, better, in fact. This is a sexy psychodelic sci-fi which looks cheap but in a kitschy way. The whole sixties feel to the scenes and especially the music would suggest that the ideas didn't come from a particularly clear mind. While the summer of love was about to explode here on earth, this is what was going on in space.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Excellent story, with Wood perhaps not properly catching the free-spirited party gal as well as she could have. Overall though, solid performances from an interesting cast. This was Pollack's first big movie behind the camera, and it was the right film for him.

Jayden C (gb) wrote: really goodmust see

Nawarat E (gb) wrote: Wasted of time basically!