The Art of Being Straight

The Art of Being Straight

A sexy, comedic drama about two college friends questioning their careers and sexuality in east Los Angeles.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancing,   beach,   party,  

A sexy, comedic drama about two college friends questioning their careers and sexuality in east Los Angeles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aishwarya K (es) wrote: I was never interested in watching this movie , probably the only reason i watched it was b'cos it had got rave reviews , i thought it was really boring at parts , not the kind of movies i generally like to watch , it is OK , on the whole , worth watching only once really ...

Scott M (mx) wrote: I find it hard to believe the premise that someone would piss all that away because the doctor noticed something of concern on one test, but it was still a fantastic character study.

Douglas H (us) wrote: Russia's first "gay" movie disappoints on almost every level but is still worthy of attention for breaking the ice in Russian popular cinema.

David C (kr) wrote: It's less a documentary about the making of 'Boondock Saints', and more of a biography of a total Prick. The spec movie script is bought by Mirimax... And then the egomaniac behind it all manages to fuck up his entire career & credibility, while he alienates his family, friends and everyone in Hollywood. It's sad. But a great lesson for anyone with a creative idea.

michael m (kr) wrote: This is just alright and that is only because of the fat dyke in the video and her funny come-backs. This is yet ANOTHER black film that only deals with racism. Just once I would love to see a black director put out another format. Gay films are also only about 3 subjects: AIDS, acceptance and sex. Why this film is getting rave reviews is a mystery. It is OK but not that good. In fact, I was relived when it finally ended.

Bianca M (es) wrote: One word. WOW. okay a few more words like stunning scenery, impeccable acting and powerful story. My first Von Trier film. a good introduction.

Billie S (us) wrote: In the first half of the movie, the director, Miller, had completely imagined a highly cinematic future world, Bartertown, and memorably fascinating character of sexy villain, Turner that truly makes the movie special. But in the second half something went wrong and cute kids dressed as warriors with their humorous misunderstanding of the pre - apocalyptic technology have shown from nowhere. The reason for the clash of these two different ideas is perhaps that in that time Miller loses interest in the project after his friend, an Australian producer Byron Kennedy was killed in a helicopter crash. One of the great things after which Beyond Thunderdome is remembered is Tina Turner who dominates on the screen with her magnetic presence. Auntie Entity is one of the great characters of action movie history. Beyond Thunderdome is far from perfect, but it might be worth to see it at least because of the Bartertown, which is powered by energy from waste products of countless pigs from which is generating a methane gas. It is a violent, chaotic and dystopian town, where anything and anybody can be bought or sold.

John M (nl) wrote: For Scorsese Obsessives OnlyIf you worship Martin Scorsese, then maybe you think this movie is a masterpiece, or whatever.But, if you are anyone else, you are likely going to find two-and-a-half hours of Robert De Niro and Liza Minnelli endlessly yelling at each other VERY hard to take! They pretty much just argue constantly. And, De Niro seems like he's playing a character so unlikable, it's like he's warming up for "Raging Bull." He treats Minnelli like garbage, and you just want to take a baseball bat to him pretty much throughout the whole film.The Kander and Ebb songs are great. And, some of the music staging works very well. But, that's pretty much it. One conceit is that Scorsese seems to be wanting to recreate that shot-on-a-backlot feeling. But, for someone from New York City, it definitely seems odd that Scorsese is shooting this movie pretty much anywhere BUT New York City!I think this is the movie where Scorsese said he was hopped up on drugs the whole time. Not much of an excuse, considering he was spending other people's money.The only good thing to come from this movie is that the song "New York, New York Theme" which was soon after recorded by Frank Sinatra.

Darwin K (ru) wrote: good slice of life flick, just needed 2 follow thru on the characterization.

Private U (gb) wrote: Entertaining enough western is made watchable thanks to its 2 leading actors James Stewart and Henry Fonda. The final battle is exellent!

Aldo M (ag) wrote: The outdoors, here, are beautiful, but it is the only one interesting thing I can see here (also the choice of music, I like): in fact, when the action moves to inside, the film drags. In other words, it is boring: the last half hour needed a real effort by me to not abandon the vision.

Nguyen Thuy H (kr) wrote: Comparison with Todd Haynes' Poison is inevitable, given that both films were made in 1991. It is just hard to decide which is better, but I am more for Poison. That one is full anger and it was literally giving me a cold bath. Not that My Own Private Idaho is not angry, but the film's theatricality served to somewhat distance me from the tragedy.