The Astronaut's Wife

The Astronaut's Wife

When astronaut Spencer Armacost returns to Earth after a mission that nearly cost him his life, he decides to take a desk job in order to see his beautiful wife, Jillian, more often. Gradually, Jillian notices that Spencer's personality seems to have changed, but her concerns fade when she discovers that she's pregnant. As Jillian grows closer to becoming a mother, her suspicions about Spencer return. Why does it seem as if he's a different person?

When two astronauts come back home after an explosion, they are not absolutely who they are . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gisela P (de) wrote: This is an amazing documentary.

Andy W (ag) wrote: Sentimental drama with a bit of old man meets young girl wish fulfilment. Caine is sincere but sports a terrible American accent for some reason. Might appeal if you want something gentle and inoffensive.

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