The Atomic Man

The Atomic Man

An atomic scientist is found floating in a river with a bullet in his back and a radioactive halo around his body. The radioactivity has put him seven-and-a-half seconds ahead of us in time...

An atomic scientist is found floating in a river with a bullet in his back and a radioactive halo around his body. The radioactivity has put him seven-and-a-half seconds ahead of us in time... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carmen H (gb) wrote: This film is a family must see! Hilariously entertaining and with such a great message!

Erwan A (nl) wrote: une portee sociologique indeniable. a mediter.

Kevin v (it) wrote: This movie contains very great dazzling, thrilling and impressive visual and special effects, such as when the character Dylan swims beneath the burning oil and when the survivors manage to blloe their way out through the bow thruster tube. Only a pity that there is almost no background story of the characters and that the rogue wave seems quite fake... Furthermore, Kurt Russell and the others deliver spectacular acting performances by swimming underwater and bringing sensation to it.. Finally, Kurt Russell's character sacrifices himself by swimming to the control room of the bow thrusters and turning them off.. Only 6 passengers manages to survive by getting into an air raft and watch as the Poseidon sinks.. Shortly, very good underwater scenes, reasonable acting in general and stunning effects, but a lack of background story and also completely different as a remake.. I mark it with a 6,5

Heather L (kr) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie. I love the exploration of identity

Blanka G (ru) wrote: Priceless! One of the most beautiful movies - in terms of vivid colours, natural and city sceneries, interiors and people - i've ever seen. Truly a visual masterpiece! The plot is also very interesting as it depicts the complexity of relationships within a family and between women and men. Nice soundtrack.

Samantha S (it) wrote: Significantly better than I thought it was going to be...which doesn't say much but it was watchable and not entirely predictable.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: I would like to see this film, it looks quite good

Lindsay M (gb) wrote: one of my childhood favorites! i think i must have watched it 1000 times

Ben C (ru) wrote: Contrived comedy, has its moments when not trying so hard to be wacky hilarious.

Nicholas I (br) wrote: L.O.T.F has shoddy production values, under-direction, poor performances and has little relevance to its source material. This film is a waste of time....

Victoria W (ca) wrote: Beautifully acted by Doris Wells, and the story is compelling in its mystique, but ultimately just not all THAT compelling. Lovely, though.

Amanda G (de) wrote: Sweet, but another example of gay girl chasing straight girl, straight girl wants to try something other than men blah blah blah

Jordan P (ca) wrote: One of my favorites.

Robert B (kr) wrote: La Tarantola del Ventre Nero (Paolo Cavara, 1971)In 1971, the underlying premise of this film (in English, The Black Belly of the Tarantula) must have seemed shocking in both its forms"the first, that a killer uses a paralytic poison to immobilize his victims while he kills them, and the second, that the story is narrated by someone under the influence of that poison, who is believed to be dead, lying on a slab in the morgue, waiting for an autopsy to be performed on him. Between then and now, however, we've learned that Marcello Danon's flight of fancy is far more science than fiction, thanks in no small part to the work of ethnobotanist Wade Davis (whose Masters thesis, The Serpent and the Rainbow was, shall we say, a bit sensationalized when turned into a wonderful Wes Craven flick). Since Davis' work went the eighties version of viral, the tetrodotoxin methodology in movies has become something of a staple, and the fear of being on the operating table while fully conscious has replaced the older trope of being buried alive in the pubilc consciousness. In other words, what may have seemed shocking in 1971 is now rather same-old-same-old. I rush to add, however, that none of this makes this particular movie any less worth watching; it's just that, with our new cultural eyes, none of what happens as regards either of those two plot mechanisms is likely to surprise you.I've already given you all you need to know of plot above; a serial killer is going around doing his business with a twist: he uses acupuncture needles (again, this is something that must have seemed very exotic in 1971 that's second-nature now) to inject his victims with immobilizing wasp venom before killing them. Hapless police inspector Tellini (Swept Away's Giancarlo Giannini in an early role) is on the case, and somehow entirely unaffected by the fact that he's surrounded by some of the world's great sex symbols (Stefania Sandrelli, Claudine Auger, Barbara Bach, Barbara Bouchet...). The case starts out looking like any other murder case, though with an admittedly kinky twist, but the closer he gets to figuring out what's going on, the weirder. Nothing, of course, is quite as it seems...Cavara, probably still best known for directing the original Mondo Cane, lined up a wealth of talent for this one, and much of the reason it's worth watching comes from there. Like many gialli, The Black Belly of the Tarantula has a bog-standard plot, but the visuals are arresting, as they often are in gialli, and the acting here is a cut above the usual; not the best giallo you'll ever see, but far from the worst. ***

brian m (au) wrote: a potentailly moving love story spoiled by a series of betrayels, inexplicable suicide pacts, and an ending that leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Tasos L (ru) wrote: A brilliant war film.Incredible acting by J.Fox and Penn.