The Attorney

The Attorney

In the early 1980s, South Korea is torn by student protests over the lack of representation in the government. Song Woo-Seok is a successful attorney in Busan specializing in tax law. His views regarding civil liberties are changed by student activist Park Jin-woo. When Jin-Woo is brutally tortured and put on trial for his activism, Woo-seok decides to defend Jin-woo as his client.

An ambitious tax attorney decides to represent an old friend in court. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MM G (ag) wrote: Not a great film, but still inspiring. Mullins walked the line between sinner and saint and struggled with lots of things that the Christian world doesn't like to talk about. I enjoyed the film and have a new appreciation for Mullins' life and music.

Douglas L (us) wrote: I just didn't enjoy it. I could really like a film that intentionally mixes mass murder and sex as themes in a film. I think it could be an extreme mind fuck. This film makes an attempt at combining these themes but it falls short of any essence or heart. Can you watch passion love making and the loss of everything you ever had in the world and still not care, apparently.

Hunter B (nl) wrote: An undeniably beautiful film. Fantastic acting, great cinematography, and sharp humor. This is the only film that rivaled Hugo in 2011. A must see for film buffs.

Ricardo A (kr) wrote: Creepy and original. Seconds apart may be far from perfect but it's a great horror movie that works.

Brandon S (mx) wrote: Highly unimpressed. This movie had a lot of potential which it could've lived up to had Joe Carnahan directed it. Also Vinnie Jones needs to either make another film with Guy Ritchie or just pick a different job, he plays every character the same which can be very tedious and boring at times. But the action was okay I guess.

Hlne Biofreee T (au) wrote: Dommage de savoir que finalement ce n'est pas une histoire vraie. Mais c'est trs bien interprt.

Carolyn H (fr) wrote: Surprisingly, I liked it (lol)! A recognizable ensemble cast. Marla Gibbs character is very funny (she does a mean 'Dougie'). In theatres now.

Thomas D (ca) wrote: One of the most visually impressive films of the 2000's with meticulously craft directing from Chan-Woo Park. But also easily one of the most devastating films you'll see. It rips your heart out in more ways than one.A revenge tale is only as good as the characters are written, and this film is brilliantly adapted from the 90's comic. The characters, who were apparently not developed enough in the comic, are well established within the first 20 minutes. All characters are brought around nicely by the time the credits roll, which contributes to the devastation of the film's emotional gut punch towards the end.One of the main reasons the characters work so nicely, is that Park provides character development in more ways than one. Whether it be through an important close up on our lead character's face or even a well-timed artistic metaphor, the story is so well-realized through its characters. Being that it's a tragic story that turns into a revenge flick but then turns back into a tragic tale again, you need to believe both sides of the coin. Min-sik Choi and Ji-tae Yu do a tremendous job at rounding out motivations as Dae-su and Woo-jin respectively.In order to feel the full impact of emotion Park was going for, you have to be with the film every step of the way. Although there are some plot points that blur the lines of being plot holes, Park gives us at least an acceptable answer to keep us engaged. Even just looking at the thrilling action sequences, which can be over-the-top and 'Raid'-like at times, is acceptable after seeing the finished product.Oldboy is a modern day classic. Not necessarily the type of film I would want to revisit more than once, but I got the full emotional impact that I had hoped for. Chan-Woo Park majestically directs the comic to life better than anyone possibly could.+Impressive fight scenes+Devastatingly beautiful storytelling+Lead performances-Potential holes in the story9.1/10

Daniel P (ru) wrote: A very funny, almost deadpan Icelandic/British co-production about a 30 something slacker living with his mother and an Italian female lodger who spends his days surfing for porn and having 'just one' drink at the local club every weekend. How's that for distinctiveness? Thrown into the mix is a beautifully played "coming out" that has repercussions for said slacker, Hlynur, his feelings of worth (he doesn't try to look for work or 'better himself' - what's the point?) and his general apathetic attitude. An adaptation of a cultish novel, Baltasar Kormakur has made an incredibly warm film in a freezing cold city that has sex, heart, laughs and truth. There are no giant lessons learned or hurdles leapt over, merely small realisations and acknowledgments made. There is lots to admire here; the idiosyncratic writing, the superb performances (Hilmir Snaer Gudnason is all sorts of delightful man-child geekiness - adorable and stubborn in an awkward fuzzy package), the Almodovar-esque characters and the Damon Albarn co-written soundtrack.

Jason D (mx) wrote: This movie is completely nonsensical. Imagine a giant gangbang involving The Teen Wolf movies, Animal House, and A random alien film. Thrown in a bunch of titties and a big showdown on the basketball court and you have a big pile of shit called Monster High.

Sam R (ag) wrote: Touching and sad. Dustin Hoffman at his best.

Kenny V (fr) wrote: I'm a sucker for June Allyson & MGM musicals.

A5J4D X (de) wrote: 7/10 - Quite an entertaining ride, it's been a long time since I've enjoined a thriller like this. Ending was a little disappointing though.

Elena L (ru) wrote: Ronan's performance is worldclass. Her struggle to find her place is something that anyone can relate to through her emotional work.