The Bad Seed

The Bad Seed

Young Rhoda Penmark is sweet, smart … and inherently evil! After a school chum dies during a picnic, no one suspects Rhoda, except the janitor of her apartment building. But when Rhoda's mother finds out that her own mother was a cold-blooded killer, she begins to suspect Rhoda might be the victim of some faulty genetics.

A housewife suspects that her seemingly perfect eight year-old daughter is a heartless killer. She keeps her knowledge of her daughter's darker side to herself, but when a schoolmate of the little girl's dies mysteriously, her self-deception unravels. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas T (it) wrote: Superman and Batman against the world? Now that is definitely worth watching.

Miss B (gb) wrote: Value conflicts between Canada US...? Seems interesting enough.

Matt W (jp) wrote: Demi naked. Burt with no mustache.

Kelly K (de) wrote: What a werid, werid, ass movie. Clever but messed up concept. And horrible execution.

Greg W (au) wrote: well crafted quiet lil indie from the director of "ulee's gold"

Andrew B (kr) wrote: When talking about thrillers, I really don't know if I have seem a movie that has kept me on the edge of my seat since In the Line of Fire. This is an absolutely fantastic movie. The plot is pretty simple, there is a man who is plotting to kill the President, played by John Malkovich,and is taunting a Secret Service agent played by Clint Eastwood who is trying to prevent him from doing it. Take notes aspiring actors and filmmakers, this is what it looks like when great acting and filmmaking can take a simple concept and make it downright incredible to watch. The interaction between Eastwood and Malkovich is nothing short of brilliant. There is a point in the film where you will forget Malkovich is just an actor playing a role in a movie because he honestly was born to play this role. I can not see anyone else casted in this movie playing his character. Honestly, in the grand scheme of things this is one of the most underrated movies of all time. Both actors fit the roles brilliantly as the story plays out you can feel the tension building. Not only can you feel the tension getting thicker but you can feel Malkovich getting more psychotic with every scene, you cant take your eyes away from the screen while he is on. A great movie that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to be thrilled and stay on the edge of their seat the entire movie.

Shane J (br) wrote: Some times a film idea comes along its so good its impossible to make a bad film from it!! This is one of them a cop from another planet crash lands on earth and finds out he's 12 inchs tall!!! luckly he lands in the middle of a gang war and his gun has a handy effect on the giants! Genius in all ways. thomerson manages to play pretty much the same character as in the trancer series and is infact excellent as dollman!!look for a early role for stand out watchman star jackie earle haley as the gang leader how he went from this to that i will never know!!

Adam A (nl) wrote: I've watched this many times, it means a lot to me.Family and lack of family. Belonging and roaming. One brother lost, angry and destructive the other working at being settled.

Josh F (ca) wrote: I don't think this one has aged real well. Maybe I'm just not enough of a hockey person. I just didn't think it was all that funny. Newman was great, and I enjoyed the Hansen's, but overall doesn't measure up.

Mandeep S (us) wrote: Another comedy from Priyadarshan. And it is mind boggling. Characters resemble from south movies. And its laughing all the way. Amrish Puri displays his prowess in acting. The true colours of a veteran.

mike p (us) wrote: Tight little thriller from Dr. Phibes helmer Robert Fuest. This is a pretty tense film. Nicely paced with the tension mounting every frame. This is Fuests first film and he fills it with lots of suspicious characters, thatll keep you guessing. Franklin is great, as she is the main character who has to hold this film together. I love the title And Soon The Darkness, and the film itself is another great example of British horror/thrillers.

i C (ca) wrote: 1/10Hate this movie, i remember how pissed off i was, boring af