The Band

The Band

Manager of female dance group and his cousin leads the group on a tour in the Rome and prohibit them to socialize with men. Problems occur when we see that one of the girls has a baby in Rome.

Evan Evans, the director of a ballet troupe, is rehearsing his next show in Monaco, in preparation for a worldwide tour. When one member of his troupe leaves to get married, Evans imposes a regime of strict discipline on his remaining dancers. The latter get their revenge by presenting Evans’ nephew Philippe, the only male member of the group, with a baby and a note claiming he is the father… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lexie T (br) wrote: I watched this with my daughters and they lost interest in parts throughout. The story, while a good one, is slow and lethargic and Vivien Cardone (although doing a great job as the rebellious Belle) was more than slightly infuriating at times. Peter Coyote and Jason London did fantastic jobs and their interaction with Belle was very realistic - although from a parental point of view they had much more patience than any parent I know!

Bubs M (br) wrote: Live Feed is the first film Ryan Nicholson directed. For fans of the exploitation genere, it's a blast! For those who want a little "Plot" with their violence it's best to avoid. If you just want to see some cool kills strung together this is the movie for you. Make sure you watch the "Unrated" version though. The R rated one is missing all sorts of the red stuff (Not to mention a shit load of nudity is blurred out).

Christopher C (kr) wrote: The story is much more interesting this time around. Finally a story that makes an impact in the Star Trek universe. The acting is a bit better as the issues that had to be dealt with are more real and serious. The special effects play more of an enhancement role and it is done reasonably well. Best Star Trek movie since the third movie.

Raji K (kr) wrote: John Candy stars in Christopher Columbus' Only the Lonely. John Candy is Danny Muldoon, a lonely bachelor that lives with his mother. He comes across another lonely in Theresa (Ally Sheedy) who does make up for the dead at funeral homes. The two despite an awkward first date, hit it off and continue dating. The biggest obstacle in their relationship is his strict mother Rose (Maureen O'Hara). She is old fashioned, hates pollacks and Sicilians and tells it like it is. She wants Danny to only be with a young Irish girl. She does not even let Theresa stay at their place past 11:35. Theresa hates that she Danny doesn't fight for her and take her side. Despite all of this they get engaged, but she knows that Danny still lets his mother run his life. It becomes up to Danny to get his priorities straight and let him run his own life. Only the Lonely is decent romantic comedy. There are probably many who can relate to the problems of the mother meeting the new love of their life and the problems that can occur. Somehow despite this they manage to get engaged after just a few dates, and a fight, and this does not seem too realistic. For some reason, Columbus is convinced that many of the dream sequences Candy has of the demise of his mother is quite funny. The movie really is not too funny and although Candy is charming and a good lead, all of his talents seem to be underutilized. Despite the comedy not being great, the film has a decent insight to some of the complications and problems that can arise with relationships.-2.19.2017

Michael G (gb) wrote: I haven't seen this film since Years 6-8 over 25 Years ago so the humor and the film is dated but is still enjoyable. A film of Discovery, a deep story that has meaning that will hit you at the end it will come full circle. its the emotions that the lead character that has been repressed since childhood from years of having a mother that is overly the top and monster like, and a family unit that has ended in divorce. Fred has come back because the repression of the past has come back to haunt Liz, Liz has been forced back to mothers house to stay in her old room where she hasn't stayed in since she was young the mothers house is symbolic as it demonstrates a turbulent past when Fred and Liz last met she was very young and with childish attitude is where the current meeting with Fred was left off with childish ideas and Lizs constant child flash backs thoughts on the past brings havoc and her manipulation to the present. the two adult problems in her life her overbearing mother and her ex husband Charles and to lesser a extent her close friend has caused Fred to manipulate Liz's body and hands and Liz has instigated Fred into doing the opposite to rebel against her mother who influenced her new hair style, her Mothers clean carpet and now to destroy it with mud, the jealously against her best friend owning a houseboat and chasing the white rabbit "Charles" gets her nowhere and you can see that sinking the houseboat (with allot of anger) was payback for trying to get Liz back with Charles and can also be symbol of a marriage is like sinking ship. Everything in the movie is Symbolic and its only at the end of the film her true love boy friend that was locked away from her when she was young comes back to save Liz from her madness, even thou he mysteriously pops up in the beginning when Liz loses her job somehow something more unearthly than Fred has caused her past to come back to bite and he was there thru out he film trying to win Liz back such as at the Italian restaurant she kinda ignores his lust for her by instigating Fred to end the close relations only to make him more love her and he is pushed away by Lizs over the top Mother when he comes to visit her at her Mothers house, Liz only uses him as tool to get back with Charles, as he drives her to Charles dinner party but Fred has other plans knowing that the relations between Liz are Charles are moot she uses Fred as a excuse to get of Charles dinner party and I think Liz knew this from the beginning that's why Fred has come back he is a symbol to create havoc, companionship, to entertain in her unstable time of life. The only way is for her to discover the only way Fred will drop dead (Go away) if she goes deep into her inner self and (like in the Film What about Bob?) untie herself from her current problems she is like ticking time bomb once she has mastered this, her life will begin to change, and the green pills fed in to Liz symbolizes what society wants to do push the pills that don't solve the problem, Fred doesn't go away when she takes the pills he just gets more adult like with his thoughts and actions and it shows the pills do not solve the inner problem which our lead actress eventually does. The Mud Pie symbolizes when her father left the family and Charles who left her, it wasn't Fred that made the pie it was Liz paying back Charles for him leaving her for another woman. Fred at one point of the film only for less than a minute behaves like a real adult this is the part where I think Liz starts to think with clarity and deep down Liz feels Fred was more than a imaginary friend but a fianc with the final kiss with Fred her only imaginary friend that she could never have in reality, but the ending goes full circle as Fred is transferred on to another closer to home child which makes this film an Excellent film very deep.

Rodney E (br) wrote: I actually thought that this was very bad and unfunny. The only real highlight was the Malvert character just because he was so unusual.

Joshua D (fr) wrote: found it fun and enjoyable. and "if i were a rich man," i'd own it.

Roalia Z (us) wrote: "monkeys make a movie better".

Freeman M (de) wrote: Sloppy, predictable and incredibly forgettable mid-90s teen comedy that never once tricks you into thinking it's interesting. Ever.

Vince R (ru) wrote: VERY solid Horror anthology sure to please any true horror/suspense fan! Very original and unpredictable. If only other horror films were written this way! Realizes much of the potential movies like VHS could of achieved! Absolutely recommend.