The Band of Honest Men

The Band of Honest Men

Antonio Buonocore, portiere di condominio, entra in possesso dei clichès per fabbricare banconote false. Convince gli amici Lo Turco e Cardone e si mettono all'opera. Quando decidono, però,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Band of Honest Men torrent reviews

Ana A (it) wrote: It was just to fake even for an over the top action film, it did have a couple of moments with the hostages and the bad guys, and thats it. It help me kill 90 minutes.....

Britta G (fr) wrote: A brilliant mixture of a documentary and an adventure movie, enriched with the most beautiful landscapes and a wonderful soundtrack. I saw at IMAX in 3D - absolutely amazing!!!

Tamara H (fr) wrote: This one might actually be a good one. Besides, Kate Winslet is a really good actress!!

Bill D (mx) wrote: A good film overall. I liked the camera shots of write-director, Shane McCabe.

Eric L (de) wrote: A well-intentioned film with very unlikable characters and a cliche plot, just featuring Natives.

Bryan P (ca) wrote: The two of them are back 7 years later and Nick Nolte needs the help of crook Eddie Murphy this time to capture the Iceman killer who is also after Murphy who stole all that money many years ago.

Bruce K (ru) wrote: best movie from the 80s

Raji K (ru) wrote: Jackie Chan's Project A features Chan in the 19th century as a Naval officer defending against pirates and smugglers. This is certainly a unique theme compared to his other films, and in this case its not really a theme that best suits his style of fighting. Parts were interesting, but the movie is somewhat confuses, and there are better films of his for his stunts and story.

Cristian E (es) wrote: The good: Beautiful cinematography. Ava Gardner never looked better. The bad: Self-indulgent, ridiculously overblown writing with not believable dialogue, particularly from Gardner's character. Unconvincing blend of the fantastic and the dramatic. Nothing in the entire film convinces.

David U (br) wrote: A very solid thriller.

stuart s (de) wrote: It was very good. It was not great. The negatives were simple: the writing. It looked fine ,it was shot and edited well. The acting was very good. The breaking points were the story arc and the dialogue. The hero's mother was whipsawed with both great and bad lines. Whe nshe said "I feel nothing, I am empty inside" or something like that, I was appalled. That was REALLY BAD. But her completing puzzles as a way to kill time before the end was brilliant. The acting was one of the better points of te film. But the writing was very weak.