The Band Wagon

The Band Wagon

A pretentiously artistic director is hired for a new Broadway musical and changes it beyond recognition.

This musical tells the tale of Tony Hunter, a multi-talented but aging movie star who heads for the Great White Way to star in their new Broadway musical in hopes of bolstering his flagging career. A pretentiously artistic director is hired for a new Broadway musical and changes it beyond recognition and it's left to Tony to save the show . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nora B (br) wrote: I'm watching it now and I want to know if this is based on a story or a game or is it just made up Hansel and Gretl grow up to be deadly adversaries in the cat and mouse game of finding the Queen of the Coven. I like the effects and the magical imaginings, but there is definitely a cheeze factor of 9 or 10 and at least five or six rotten tomatos so far. And, yet, I love it!

Joshua W (fr) wrote: Visually stunning, and an impressive score that brings this video game adaptation to life. While the movie is gunning for the hardcore fans of final fantasy still a very exciting and exhilarating movie.

Eric K (it) wrote: Hilarious dark existential comedy.

MEC r (ag) wrote: This movie lacked in so many ways.

Nicole L (kr) wrote: This deserves the coolest movie ever award!!!

Sean L (mx) wrote: A military action / courtroom drama combo platter that promises to pay special attention to the thin gray line separating morality and duty for occupying troops. It knows how to best use its stars - Tommy Lee Jones gets plenty of time to chew screen as a grizzled retiring Marine attorney, while Sam Jackson is given free reign to scream and shout both on and off the battlefield - but is somewhat less sure how to arrive at the conclusion it wants to leave us with. A forced attempt to cram an evil mastermind into the fray disagrees with the otherwise-universal theme that there is no black and white picture in a situation as difficult and politically charged as this one, and that's not the only scene that should have been shown the cutting room floor. Despite a few heated exchanges between Jones and the prosecuting attorney (a fiery turn by Guy Pearce), it's a great load of topical potential that never amounts to more than a weak fizzle and a sudden, puzzling jury decision.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: This is about as good as soft porn gets. Well-done all-around.

Sunil J (es) wrote: Good because of the acting. Nothing really happens in this movie, it's a great deal of waiting, which I understand is the point but in this case is not compelling enough.

DeAndre W (ca) wrote: better idea would of been deathproof with cadillac's, man drives cadillac looking cool robbing banks getting bitches shootout's with gangs and assasin's too bad i wasn't around back then that would of been a hit.

Moni S (us) wrote: Very relevant to today's politics. They should play Alan Alda's speech in front of the Administration. Brilliant!

Quan N (es) wrote: I was originally planning not to vote this year with the attitude of "no one deserves my vote."However, this film made me realize that at one time in this country, certain people did not have the right to vote. I voted to honor their struggle to obtain the right to vote.#rockthevote

David S (de) wrote: Masterclass in Method.

Michael H (gb) wrote: It's as if the Scooby Gang gatecrashed their way into a really bad Romero rip off - the only thing that's scary is the sense of fashion

WS W (kr) wrote: Woh, James Spader, Rob Lowe, Marcia Cross in a thriller made in 1990.

Jennifer S (fr) wrote: Great movie for all age!