The Barber

The Barber

A weary town faces a long, dark winter.

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Lance H (ca) wrote: As being as this movie likes to call a "noob", or gamer, I take this movie to such disgrace and disrespect of the gaming community and such acceptance of the indulgence of the now impoverished gaming industry that I did not have words to say for how ludicrous and silly it's attempts at raunchy comedy were. The movie doesn't start too well, excluding the opening sequence that doesn't quite make a lot of sense but gets the movie somewhat interesting, has us immediately fall in a platter for Cody, one of the most pessimistic, unsympathetic and uncaring character in the whole movie, and surprisingly this movie wants us to like the character at all. AFter he supposedly loses his job and gets a lecture from his wife who leaves him like apparently she's only known him for the 10 minutes we see her on camera, somehow inexplicably allows him to go on a very bad rendition of every bad comedy that goes for the roadtrip sequence, without ever trying to develop the character in a way which we could try to enjoy nor trying to have his problems resolved, just forcing himself to hate everything throughout the terms. Anyhow, there are some characters who are good and are trying in their own right, Like Jason Mewes, whom you will remember from the classic "Jay and Silent Bob" films as well as their cameos in others, like Clerks. Fortunately despite his stoney language and reserved personality, you actually get to see more depth in this character other than the normal cliche's of lazy unproductive stoners. You even get to see the character's heart from the inside too, and especially at the end, surprisingly making him the most likable character in the whole movie, always determined to try to get that insufferable Cody out of his sadistic funk. But, most of the other characters are bad not in not being likable but just not having a place or just having a place where unnecessary plot points can be shown in to legally stamp the "raunchy" on this sordid comedy. WE have one of their gamer friends who is the "trapped in the closet" of the group, we got the nerd who suffers from some kind of asthma because apparently gaming is representative of all people but only the best have lung conditions, and a big subplot of this washed out '80s nostalgic who does familiarly resemble Joe Dirt fondly. this "Armagreggon" also has some character development as well but his is broken and loose that it never seems to work coherently with the plot of the four, who seem to intentionally get theirselves into trouble just for the raunchy sake again. He is strangely destined to win a frogger championship, which apparently losing so would lose his finances, and to which he has such a grudge over losing last time that he seems to be lost in time with everything else but only such small materials. Anyhow, the plot itself only goes in one direction with things that happen and the group doing embarrasing stuff, getting in embarrassing situations with phoned-in B-movie celebrity cameos (who even cares about the alien smasher anymore? I know I don't) and a overall dislikeness for the gaming community, often betraying it's aspect that gaming is for everybody, with clans who could be fit into one square of stereotype. You got the all female group, the body builders, the techies, and not to mention the extrovert african american group which seems to antagonize the team the most but not in the end. The problem with this is that it may be funny to see a live-video version of Riley from the Boondocks, this character is merely there to show us exactly how Mr. Freeman (which I may remind you plays Cody of all things) thinks the gaming community works. Not to mention his somewhat apparent acceptance of the over-abundance of the Gaming Industries products and services, often bargaining itself to the masses of corporation and masking some very ironically stereotypical people to make us believe that is not so, which is also a big letdown for this movie, because it cannot expect to make a comedy on a social group that which it does not understand but only knows the generalizations of them. Finally, with the least bit of spareness, this comedy decides to steal another old-age comedy cliche: epilogue thumb cards of each of the character after the so-so events of the movie's length. I've always hated this as sort of a last chance to try to get the audience's giggles going and a way to save money by using screenshots from the movie they had already recorded and adding extra plot that doesn't add depth but rather just keeps insinuating their worst stereotypes. Not to mention the production values, if any at all, and a decision to make the only part of the plot we care about the hardest to follow (The Actual Game), this left me much wanting something that actually respected the group but also provides more solid humor and points out certain meaningful aspects of the community. The only thing I can say that redeems it is that it never bothers to force a terrible pop culture joke in, actually making less beaten-to-death references, like Willy Wonka.

Deb K (jp) wrote: The film opens with a sequence set in 1897, in which the film's central character of Laura, a vampire, is staked and buried. She is unintentionally unearthed in the present day with no memory and no voice. The acting was weak at best but not so much that you couldn't watch it, it did have its moments. The portrayal of vampires was its weakest part considering what fiction dictates to be a correct form for vampires, you shall see what i mean if you decide to watch it

Nina S (au) wrote: What a tour de force! O'Toole, Phillips, Redgrave and the charming young thing that plays our fallen and redeemed heroine bring virtuosity to this unusual .feast of story telling. May I live to become such a grand old fart.

saman g (ru) wrote: there is nothing special about this movie.nothing.

STCENTERPRISE (ca) wrote: I like this film a lot because of the clone war fight & The Jango Fett character was cool. I was kind of disappointed when there was soo much love scenes in this film. Other than the love scenes though the action was great.DE I would have liked to see more of the Sandpeople or also known as Tusken Raiders fight though in this film as well as just more on Tatooine. I felt like we were cheated on that moment showing how bad Anikan was and lead up to Darth Vader.I would have also liked a little more from Jar Jar Binks because his role in the film is so minimal that it should not been in the film A time all. I like the begging relationship from C-3P0 & R2-D2 in this film I just wish that they would have shown that move in the new Trilogy more than they did like they did in the original trilogy.I liked that we got to see Yoda fight in this film. It was Amazing light saber fights as never seen before. I also loved the Battle of Geinois. It was probably my favorite part to the film because I felt like it was the closest connection to the Original trilogy of Star Wars.My least favorite part to this film was Anikan and Padm portions of the film because it through me out of Star Wars because it did not feel like a Star Wars film. I think that if touch excluded the Anikan and Padm aspects to this film then I would have loved this film more. I loved the Obi-Wan/Jedi council story line. I loved the opening car chase through Couresant but I hated the sound effects for the Vehicles in this film. They felt out of place in this film.I loved the Jango fights because those helped explain the and give fans things we never saw from Boba Fett in the Original trilogy.

Drago C (ag) wrote: Possibly the dumbest movie I've ever seen, definitely one of the best bad movies ever made, Gymkata has the advantage of a large budget and semi-competent direction. It fails spectacularly at some of the WTF scenes it throws at the public and a desire to make the most out of its Olympic gymnast lead at every turn. This leads to things like spontaneous karate/gymnastics scenes (like the infamous pommel horse scene) and other stupid, contrived attempts to stick gymnastics into every scene. Also worth noting is the hilarious casting choices, possibly the most baffling this side of John Wayne as Gengis Khan. Gymkata is a terrible, terrible movie. One that is definitely worth watching.

Jose Miguel G (fr) wrote: It plays slow paced, but also maintaining a big amount of intrigue; The Invitation is a strong thriller, in which writing and direction are the most powerful cards, leading up to a so-so predictable but effective conclusion.

roger t (au) wrote: date viewed:12/14/10 pithy review: one of the duller gems in hitch's brilliant career. one sparkling moment: juanita de cordoba's last scene..... topaz: word origin derived (possibly) from the Arabic meaning "the subject of the search". indeed this topaz does involve a search but by the time the culprit is unearthed i felt more like saying ho-hum, then aha! summary: i'm as big a fan of hitchcock as anyone but this "semi-precious" stone requires no examination, close or otherwise.

Tanner M (kr) wrote: To say the least I loved this movie all up to the point when he turns to UberJason. That to me just ruined the movie. Up to then I actually liked this movie. It has its good moments even with the ridiculous plots.