The Batman vs. Dracula

The Batman vs. Dracula

Batman faces off against the original creature of the night, Count Dracula, who has been unintentionally resurrected by the Penguin.

The vampire hatches a plot to enslave Batman, the Joker, the Penguin and the rest of Gotham City. And now, it's up to Batman to faces off against the original creature of the night and save the day! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Batman vs. Dracula torrent reviews

Alan T (ru) wrote: really bad ass. really awesome.

Doctor S (fr) wrote: Frivolous espionage yarn, a charade of a Charade with a goofy Gregory Peck and sumptuous Sophia Loren; not the worst trade for Grant & Hepburn at all, in fact. Some ridiculous plot points rescued partly by some nimble allegiance twists. Who had these daffy ideas of putting lives in jeopardy via a wrecking ball and threshing machine??

I dont know w (nl) wrote: A beloved Chinese film.

Christopher N (es) wrote: That lost genre, the murder mystery. A crazy, preposterous plot, stock characters ranting at each other, beautiful 40s English babes going neurotic, psychotic, or criminally insane, and - the irreplacable Alastair Sim as Inspector Cockrill, master of the charades. Really an impossible movie, yet I liked it and plan on watching it again tonight with the commentary turned on. Of course I'd watch anything that had Alastair Sim in it.

Kami F (fr) wrote: - This was a depressing musical, and not in a good way, like Les Mis. This one is just sad and messed up!- I like that they brought Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae back together, but I wish they had a better relationship.- Billy is such a jerk! I liked him so much better as Curly. I can't believe Julie puts up with him. Why do women stay in abusive relationships!?!?- Mr. Snow's voice really bugs me, and his laugh is terrible!- The one day Billy sees his daughter, and he slaps her! What an idiot!- To make it worse, there is a whole spiel about how Billy's slaps feel like kisses. What the heck!?!? Seriously messed up!- I enjoyed the ballet sequence towards the end. Jacques d'Amboise get some serious air!- I don't think I'll ever be watching this again. It was depressing, and I didn't enjoy it much. I didn't even like a lot of the songs.

Grant S (br) wrote: Kevin Smith's first movie...and best.A day in the life of Dante Hicks, a convenience store clerk. Calledinto work on his day off he spends his time talking to the slackervideo store clerk, Randal, and his girlfriend, Veronica, daydreamingabout his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin, playing roller-hockey and generallytrying to be responsible while all those around him are not. Thenthere's the local drug-dealers, Jay and Silent Bob...Writer-director Kevin Smith's first movie...and what a debut it is.Hilariously funny at times with some very clever dialogue, skits andturns-of-events. A wry look at everyday life. Some pretty cool randomscenes too (generally involving Jay and Silent Bob).Good performances from all involved, none of whom were name-actors atthe time (and none of them have really made it big since, which issurprising).Only downside is that there is a fair sprinkling of juvenile humour andthis cheapens the movie. It is also a bit disappointing when Smith hasto resort to cheap/shock-value laughs when the rest of the humour is sointelligent.

Waleed A (gb) wrote: i love this movie a lot. great story. (5 viewings)

Jeff B (br) wrote: More weird than anything else. It jumped from character to character too frequently and at times the writing came off as alternately sanctimonious or hackneyed, but there was something that kept it somewhat interesting. (Not Ryan Phillippe, who is terrible.) The rest of the cast--highlighted by Sean Connery--turn in interesting, nuanced performances, and I think that's what does the trick.