The Battle of Austerlitz

The Battle of Austerlitz

The first half of this film covers Napoleon's coronation as Emperor and political manoeuvrings while the second half covers the actual battle.

Another of Napoleon's adventures in this epic reconstruction of the battle of Austerlitz, where he had the greatest victory of his career, over the Russians. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Battle of Austerlitz torrent reviews

Aidan H (es) wrote: I really liked this film. Hanks is fantastic (as always), however I don't see myself watching this movie again. Also, it's a bit forgettable.

David L (br) wrote: Definitely an IFC film which leaves you asking WHY oh WHY? Braquo's Nicolas Duvauchelle makes an appearance as the "sluggish" son who just went nuts. And Christopher Lambert speaks French. Is about it for me.

James H (fr) wrote: Very well acted, but it is a very unpleasant film and not always easy to watch. Well edited. It held my interest, but it's just not a film I would ever watch again.

Hikaru I (au) wrote: Very slow and it took Bong forever to figure out his best friend was the killer. Clearly his detective skills have gone to the wayside just like his liver. :p Beyond that, an okay movie, just wish the plot had been better.

Cassian J (it) wrote: This is a very good film that deals with an extremely challenging issue in a though provoking and humane way. This movie from first time director Jim Threapleton (I knew I recognised the name, him being the ex partner of Kate Winslett) is not easy viewing as it is not meant to be. The film is the story of Zaafir (an excellent Omar Berdouni) a university lecturer who deals with contentious issues such as democracy coming out of periods of violence and is also involved in programmes that promote learning in the Islamic world. Zaafir is suddenly taken of the streets by unnamed US and British agents and then transferred to an unnamed county to be questioned / tortured all in the name of justice. The torturer in chief is never named as they would not be but is played excellently by Andy Serkiss with the right amount of evil and malice mixed with the compassion he needs to draw information. The torture sequences are rightly hard to watch and you begin to see how confessions gained in such conditions truly are worthless. The film is well directed and the editing serves the story well switching from before the kidnapping tgo after the kidnapping to show how the events not only affect Zaafir bit all those close to him especially his partner. Indeed some of the scenes between them the dialogue is intentionally very low in the mix as the raw emotions of the torture play out. Highly recommended.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Pretty fun. If you're a Beatles fan you will enjoy this.

Todd B (ca) wrote: Undeniably powerful.

Nick P (us) wrote: I appreciated this movie because its a coming of age film following guys in their mid to late 20's.

Preston R (it) wrote: So terrible it was good.

Vicki S (it) wrote: Surprisingly funny and at times very clever. Add the fact that it's only 13 days older than I am...and I've met the writer and producer, so I'm a bit biased.

Daniel E (gb) wrote: Brilliant heist flick.Slow paced but extremely stylish and Alain Delon is cooler than a polar bears toe nail

Adam B (au) wrote: Absolutely awful. Boring and nonsensical, Scream and Scream Again wastes the talents of Cushing, Lee and Price with a script that beggars belief. Things happen for no reason, nothing is resolved, new characters are introduced towards the end, others are ignored. Totally pointless cinema.

Andr D (nl) wrote: La magia de Ray Harryhausen se traslada nuevamente a la pantalla con esta historia ambientada en el salvaje oeste en el que unos vaqueros y un cientifico descubren un valle perdido en el que se encuentra Gwangi, un dinosaurio. Si usted tiene todavia el espiritu de un nino de 7 anos, disfrutara esta cinta en grande. Los demas abstenerse.

Debbie W (jp) wrote: Pretty spectacular scenery and you just have to love Grace Kelly. The young Ava Gardner was breathtaking. I really enjoyed having the chance to see this beautifully filmed epic on the big screen at the Vintage Film Festival.

Friedrich V (us) wrote: piquant, perched over one eye, and has to be watched on windy days.

Jonathan I (ag) wrote: There's something strangely powerful about this movie. You're just riding along through the colorful lives of these characters--caught also by the union organizer's guts--then suddenly Norma makes her grand stand and you somehow can't look away. You're just there, crying through the triumphs.Theme song "It Goes Like It Goes" is gorgeous and rightfully deserved its Oscar, in my opinion. This film is unique in how it was made and what it portrays.

Aaron R (ag) wrote: Before "Huntsman" there was this eerie adaptation. While some liberties have been taken with the source material, Sigourney Weaver's unhinged turn as the evil queen will have you squirming after the show's done.