The Battle of the Rails

The Battle of the Rails

A 1946 war movie which tells the courageous efforts by French railway workers to sabotage Nazi reinforcement-troop trains.

This movie is a story about French railroad workers who were part of organized resistance during the German WW2 occupation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Battle of the Rails torrent reviews

Praveen S (gb) wrote: It's gonna be an Earth-shattering one from Thala....:)

Michael T (ca) wrote: Good-natured spoof of blaxploitation films.

Annie F (au) wrote: pretty good movie... interesting storyline... what if it happens that way??

Rolando B (ru) wrote: A bizarre comedy film with the very entertaining humor...

Dan S (ag) wrote: Easily the worst movie ever made. This, of course, makes it worth watching. If you can sit through the whole thing, certain parts are hilarious. What gets me is that somebody actually paid money to have this made.

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Bill B (fr) wrote: Watchable film about the (duh) sole survivor of a plane crash who begins to see strange apparitions around her in the days following the accident.Predates the Final Destination franchise by a decade or so and gives some similar themes and chills.Worth a rental.

Dimitris S (de) wrote: Effeminate and the most feminist of all Fellini's films,none can forget features made by Russ Meyer but this one does require a second re-read.While on one hand the glamorous city jolts of tender females,the next step proves to be a mere complication of idiosyncrasy.Snaporaz (a fabulous early reference in 8 1/2) is a bargainer and the lesson he'll learn whether it's permanent or not is for the inner female to be unleashed through his curiosity because taming it would be mental (and chauvinistic) torture.

Alfredo S (ag) wrote: A rarely animated bizarre acid trip into a surreal raunchy satire commentary, Fritz the cat is often too juvenile, but it delivers its laughs.

Buddy A (mx) wrote: What happens when a filmmaker (a term that I use here loosely) who never writes scripts gets bored with his so-called suspense movie and suddenly decides to make a superhero picture? Why, you get Ray Dennis Steckler's "Rat Pfink a Boo Boo!" A film known not only for being misnamed (It was supposed to be called "Rat Pfink AND Boo Boo," but the guy who did the graphics screwed it up), but also for being one of those "so bad it's kinda good" movies, this feature hits and misses in so many terrible ways, it's hysterical. Too bad MST3K never got their hands on this one. It's hilariously awful!

Johan M (nl) wrote: bland dom bttre dokumentrerna som finns

George A (mx) wrote: Great movie. Both inspiring and funny. Ah, yes, there will always be an England.

Pablo B (ag) wrote: Una pelicula estupida, si, pero una de mis comedias favoritas por lo imbecil que es xD No todo son peliculas serias :)

Nelly M (us) wrote: I think this movie is a Parody. I accidentally watched this instead of the 2008 film of the same title and it is a Classic Indy - over the top violence and stupidity and car chases - to the point that it is hilarious - with no laugh track and total deadpan. GREAT SOUNDTRACK - hardcore.