The Bay Boy

The Bay Boy

A Roman Catholic teenage boy in Glace Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia during the 1930s faces various growing-up problems: Should be become a priest? What should he do about the murder he witnessed, committed by a local cop and upstanding parishioner? And how far should he go with his girl friend, who happens to be the murderer's daughter?

A Roman Catholic teenage boy in Nova Scotia during the 1930s faces various growing-up problems: Should be become a priest? What should he do about the murder he witnessed, committed by a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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maria M (ru) wrote: verey nice movies i love it

Charperrin W (gb) wrote: A very deep visual story that isn't for anyone. For me, it is my all-time favorite movie!

Josiah M (fr) wrote: A dark twisted drama that is almost the antithesis of a coming-of-age film, but damn, does it play off well.

Mayank A (es) wrote: Watched it based on a friends recommendation, the starting was mind-blowing but I realized I have read the manga the movie is based on & I had hated the ending of the book, so my expectations were low but they had changed the ending in the movie, it was simply fantastic & brutal, the most hard-core revenge ending one can imagine. Awesome direction, script, score , camera work and casting. The acting by all the leading cast was superb. Watch it for an unorthodox story of revenge which took 15 years to be prepared and served.

David G (ru) wrote: I love these guys it's so true isn't it...

Dan C (br) wrote: I was really excited to get my hands on this and Dust Devil because of their reputation. A pair of undiscovered classics, it seemed. And although Stanley has a way with images and music (being a music video director), his two films are unsatisfying. Despite the incredible visuals, music selection, and dense atmosphere, the stories and characters are the weak link. Though there are scraps of satirical ideas in Hardware and aimless philosophizing in Dust Devil, these pictures are all style and no content.

Troy F (es) wrote: I've usually been a moderate fan of Weird Al's stuff, and no matter how you see him, be that he's hilarious or occasionally obnoxious, he's practically a comic genius in parodying music. So going into UHF, I wasn't sure if it would be that funny. It could've been the kind of "Okay, he's funny when he writes parody songs, but falls flat when stretching out his jokes in a feature film" sort of deal. Quite the opposite indeed, as Weird Al carried his comic talents into this feature with success. I haven't laughed as much with any film in a while as I did with this one. It's really just a story of Weird Al as a down-on-luck guy saving a low brow TV station and making friends while also making enemies with other rival networks. But of course, it's the references and mockery of television culture, films, and plot cliches and pure randomness that makes this film a hilarious blast. Weird Al is a person that isn't afraid to border on the strange and the controversial, which all the more makes the movie funny than most commercial comedies. Some jokes are obviously dated, but enough of the film certainly holds up that anyone could enjoy this.

Joseph L (ca) wrote: one of the best movies ever. visual effects are a bit dated, but really this movie could not be redone any better.

Kendall C (fr) wrote: I guess if you're passively watching this movie, its alright. Its shot well and the acting is top notch. Unfortunately, its not a nuanced war movie which makes it hard to take seriously. And Eastwood's lax approach to the true events make this one a tough sit. Chris Kyle may have been a damn good sniper, but as a person, he was nothing short of an asshole. Yet here we are with a movie that glorifies the shit out of him. Eastwood should have done better.

Julia O (jp) wrote: It is a bad moive for me... If you wanna see the version of my best friend's wedding, but with a happy ending watch it... Honestly don't waste your time