The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster

Dar, is the son of a king, who is hunted by a priest after his birth and grows up in another family. When he becomes a grown man his new father is murdered by savages and he discovers that he has the ability to communicate with the animals, which leads him on his quest for revenge against his father's killers.

A sword-and-sorcery fantasy about a young man's search for revenge. Armed with supernatural powers, the handsome hero and his animal allies wage war against marauding forces. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abhinaya K (nl) wrote: An interesting watch. Nadine is quite a complex person, unsociable, crude yet is fragile like a damsel in distress waiting for someone to rescue her from her life of loneliness. Hailee has portayed Nadine really well. The movie was more about how any person in this world yearn for explicit love and affection rather than implicit love, as it makes them feel special and important.

urim t (fr) wrote: plentiful views of pristine mountains, the Chugach (near Valdez) was particularly stunning -- so is the action!Just remember to push your jaw back ... trust me it will drop.

Kevin B (es) wrote: Charming romantic French farce with the always delightful Audrey TauTou.

Jon C (es) wrote: this isn't a very good horror movieit's got great ideas but none of them are that interestingthe pacing is so unbelievably droll and takes forever to get things startedPaul is being chased in the night of rain and that's about ityou don't get to see the sea creatures that much and even their presence explained is half-assedthe effects also look very cartoony saying this film's budget has much to be desiredaside from one gruesome death scene there's nothing here that will keep your attention because of the constant meandering aroundthe twist ending was also very out-of-place and didn't sit wellthis was a very drawn-out disappointment

Yelda G (us) wrote: french people do love symbolism, i suppose.

Dragutin A (br) wrote: Some trash 80's movie :))) Sure i want to c it!

Courtney O (it) wrote: sounds kinda strange but why not if it's anything like the Two and a half men show last night( April 23) it will be hilarious!

Jon C (es) wrote: a perfectly-acted and emotional drama of divorce in the 70'sthe movie broke new ground by addressing the fathers' rights in divorce cases for the first time and established the father-side of things it really is the bond between father and son that makes the film soar, it gets pretty emotional in spots and I found myself wiping my eyes a few timesnext to Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep it's the little boy that acts very mature for his age and he's dealing with a lot having his mother leave and only having his fatherand you don't really have to be on anyone's side in the case of the custody battle, each one has their turn having a say in the matterdivorce is never an easy subject to discuss but this father is willing to do whatever it takes to be in his child's life a movie to be praised for it's brave opening up of a family breaking apart

Stephen L (mx) wrote: Je suis fan d'Anthony Perkins, mais l y a quand mme des limites que j'aurai jamais du franchir. Rien que le titre du film prte sourire par son cot too much faon " amour, gloire et beaut".Pourtant cela commence plutot pas mal avec un anthony perkins contre emploi, incarnant un jeune homme acerbe et bris par la perte de sa mre. Delaiss dans un monde qui ne lui appartient pas, le jeune homme ne vit que pour l'obsession de recuperer la ferme de son pre. Troquer un monde contre un autre. Le duo qu'il forme avec son pre- Burl Ives- est assez convaincant et plein d'animosit. Puis il y a l'arrive de Sophia Loren, que je n'apprecie pas rellement. Le duel entre la nouvelle femme du pre - qui met un point d'honneur recuperer la ferme- ingrat et le fils est pourtant bien retranscrit , avec en prime une sexualit latente qui s'installe entre les 2 protagonistes. Mais alors, o est situ le mal?Ce n'est qu' la fin du film que le potentiel du film est completement ruin. L'obsession d'appartenance une terre, tres prsente dans le discours des personnages, disparait litteralement au profit d'une histoire d'amour qui culmine surtout les bas. Les 2 protagonistes deviennent incoherents dans leurs choix et aspirations, changent d'avis toutes les 5 minutes et la fin explosive promise implicitement par le synopsis n'aura jamais lieu. Le film est ainsi expedi par un final paresseux aussi bien dans la construction que dans le jeu d'acteur - notamment celui trs aleatoire d'anthony perkins-. On ne retiendra que l'image du pre rude, perdu parmi les ormes, certainement plus defait par sa nouvelle solitude que satisfait d'avoir montr au monde qu'il etait bien difficile abattre.

Kevin N (jp) wrote: Though this was the third movie Abbott and Costello filmed as top billed stars, it was released as their second, right after 'Buck Privates', because of its timely Naval story. It was used, admirably, as both a piece of escapist entertainment geared toward those fighting in the military and a way to involve citizens at home with what their beloved friends and family were bravely giving their lives to. As it lacks any kind of grit or realism, or fighting whatsoever (come on, it's a musical comedy), it rather fails at being informative or revealing. Sailors spend their time washing the ship and singing and dancing. Still, one has to take this for what it is- pure popcorn entertainment- and as that, it succeeds. There are some really memorable gags in here, including one involving a gambling scheme that must have been taken from an Abbott and Costello vaudeville act. Another one involves Costello explaining in a number of ways how thirteen multiplied by seven equals twenty-eight. Alongside the duo, Dick Powell, an actor I like a tremendous lot, hams it up a little as a celebrity crooner trying to lose his status and just slip into the Navy as an ordinary person; the beautiful Claire Dodd does her best, as a journalist, to out him. This isn't the best movie made by Abbott and Costello in their early days, but it certainly isn't their worst, and its portions of laughs make it a definite worthwhile watch for anyone interested in either the comic team or wartime entertainment.

David H (ca) wrote: The First Feature Length Movie of D.W. Griffith is a grandious Masterpiece great directed and artistic with grandios Battle Scenes, great Costumes, hillarious Performances of Blanche Sweet as Judith of Bethulia and Henry B. Walthall as Holofernes and a great D.W. Griffith typical Soundtrack The story is from the Bible's Book of Judith about the siege of the Jewish city Bethulia by Assyrians. A widow named Judith (Blanche Sweet), has a plan to stop the war of the city when her people suffer starvation, and are ready to surrender. The widow disguises herself as a harem-girl, and goes to the enemy where she beguiles a general of King Nebuchadnezzar, whose army is destroying the city. Judith seduces Holofernes (Henry Walthall), then while he is drunk, cuts off his head with a sabre. She returns to her city, a heroine.

Dave I (kr) wrote: Samuel Jackson? Dude, I'm there.

Shane S (de) wrote: A tight, scary, and highly probable film. The entire cast is fabulous! You're on the edge of your seat for the whole movie. A smart screenplay as well.

Larissa P (nl) wrote: Lost the count of how many times I've watched it, and I'm sure that even though Jimmy Dean had lived to act in many other successful movies, this would still be regarded as his iconic trademark. It's the cry of a generation.

Charlie J (mx) wrote: A true cautionary tale from the master b-movie maker.

Riccardo R (ca) wrote: Il film per vari aspetti molto simile a "Olympus Has Fallen", sia nel bene che nel male, quindi la mia valutazione sarebbe dovuta essere la stessa.Per in questo caso il personaggio interpretato da Gerard Butler assolutamente sopra alle righe, e il tono generale della narrazione, con gli americani che vogliono spaccare i culi a tutti i costi ai terroristi (sfottendoli anche), mi piaciuto: un voto un pelo pi alto ci sta tutto.