The Beguiled

The Beguiled

Offbeat Civil War drama in which a wounded Yankee soldier, after finding refuge in an isolated girls' school in the South towards the end of the war, becomes the object of the young women's sexual fantasies. The soldier manipulates the situation for his own gratification, but when he refuses to completely comply with the girls' wishes, they make it very difficult for him to leave.

While imprisoned in a Confederate girls boarding school, a Union soldier cons his way into each of the lonely women's heartsn and becomes the object of their sexual fantasies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (nl) wrote: The Happy House is boring but cute. There are lots of in-jokes for fans of horror, but sadly there aren't enough to carry this movie.

Anne C (ru) wrote: I appreciate any movie that features Julie White and Andrea Martin. This movie was very New York, but the story itself is relatable - a couple working to revive their stagnating relationship by becoming less co-dependent. I did feel that the time spent establishing the couple was too brief, but I remained interested in their journey to the end. The chemistry and shared history of this real life couple probably helped.

Laura P (jp) wrote: Spooky. It's going to be hard trying to sleep tonight with all the images of creepy girls with ink stained hands popping into my head. I had to hide under the covers at some points.

Eva L (ru) wrote: stunning. sound effects were beautiful- especially the intermixing of the typewriter and musical score. very somber, but powerful.

Synthia J (ag) wrote: How do you overcome grief? The intersecting lives of lonely people in the big city.

Hiran K (es) wrote: Good Movie...!!! \m/

Paul D (gb) wrote: A fun scenario, especially if you can relate to sporting fanaticism, but the general comedy is fine too.

Gordon S (mx) wrote: 3 stars on four-star scale. Overall a good coming-of-age tale, with strong performances by Delroy Lindo, the dad who's an impractical artist/dreamer, and Zelda Harris, the daughter/central character. Harris' journey from the big city to visit her surburban relatives and her neighborhood childhood battles are a hoot, but sometimes Spike Lee's film is too anecdotal and music-packed for its own good.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Entertaining but uneven period drama from director Martha Coolidge. Excellent performances - Laura Dern, Robert Duvall, and Diane Ladd are all in top form. The story is hit or miss; it moves too fast in the beginning and, though it does have a number of strong moments, it sometimes feels rushed and muddled (Calder Willingham adapted his own novel, possibly compressing it a bit too much, a bit more subtlety would have been more effective) and it is hampered by a hokey framing device with an incredibly cheesy final scene. But ultimately, it's worth watching for the performances alone. Strong, if sometimes over-the-top, score by Elmer Bernstein.

Lotti K (de) wrote: A mildly entertaining horror flick that mainly seems (poorly) ripped off from the Elm Street series -- it even stars Taryn from Dream Warriors!

Brad S (ag) wrote: I really liked this Steven Spielberg drama which I think was treated somewhat harshly by critics upon its initial release. The story takes place in Shanghai during WWII after the Japanese invasion and follows a young British boy as he tries to survive in an internment camp.. That youngster is played by Christian Bale who is excellent, you can see that even at 13yrs old he had tremendous talent and dive and carries the picture. Now, this film has some of Spielberg's typical flaws in that the story has his usual sheen and polish to it, somehow making even the terrible interment camp look beautiful and epic, but it didn't detract from the story for me. John Malkovich is great in a supporting role as well and a young Ben Stiller also pops-up.. Give it a try!

Tom F (mx) wrote: I co-produced this. Making of this and selling it is inexplicable, so I have to write a book about it instead.

Paul B (de) wrote: Shocking and perverted. A disgusting glimpse at the life of enslaved Africans as filmed in Haiti. Not for the faint-hearted. Hated it.