The Beheaded Rooster

The Beheaded Rooster

A moving coming of age story in a time of extreme change: on August 23, 1944 in a small city in Romanian Transylvania, the 16 year old Felix Goldschmidt awaits his classmates for their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff B (ru) wrote: The found-footage technique was used to great advantage at the outset as the kids followed a map on their way to discovery and wonderment. This in conjunction with the humorous banter between the boys making it a a very winning combination. The film only slows down after the discovery of Echo as he goes about seeking parts to build his way to escape, the found-footage technique becoming cumbersome here. There are some issues with plot believability, but it's really about kids doing what kids love, going on a venture to stimulate the imagination and mind. I watched it with my 10 yr old and he gave it a favorable heads up. All is well in pg summer adventure movie-land.

gabrielle d (it) wrote: The Help is a great movie that is about white people that have black maids. A lot of the white people are very mean to the maids. The maids are very hard working and always get along with the whites kids. Some of the whites do not like that and will fire their maid. In the end some of the whites become friends with the maids and the maids have made a change in their lives.The Help is a drama and it has a bunch of good humor moments. They are in Jackson, Mississippi and it is based in August 1962. The intended audience is for adults and teens. It is a good lesson on what happened back in those days; lessons learned are do not treat someone the way you don't want to be treated because karma will come around. Some of the actresses are Viola Davis (maid) , Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Octavia Spencer (maid). The conflict was when the maids had enough of the white people treating them badly and they had enough courage to stand up for themselves , even if that meant for them getting fired they were willing to do it. I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5 stars because it has great characters it has a great story behind it and it could teach kids about how people treated other people back in the days.

Karen N (de) wrote: Love it. So cinematic and artistic.

Petr K (au) wrote: It was fun watching this shit! :D I thought it was movie from nineties.. But 2007? Wtf!

Daniel D (us) wrote: Policial que faz o servio sujo da polcia e tem muitos inimigos, quando seu amigo morre e colocam a culpa nele de uma coisa que o mesmo no fez... e O policial vai at o fim para descobrir o esquema de corrupo...

Ugi S (nl) wrote: Anthony Hopkins is always doing great, so the Stephen King's adaptation and this drama is surprisingly King's style indeed. "Heart In Atlantis" is a good study of character and a not-average film about nostalgia a glory of childhood.

Nathan C (br) wrote: Your Funny Playing Shrek Mike Myers But your too over the top on this!Why This piece of pirate crap?There is also a character also played by Myers Named Fat Bastard!I Rather Be A Fat Bastard Than Watch This Movie Again!Score: 0.5/10

Roman R (gb) wrote: Werner Herzog es uno de los directores mas interesantes en el cine y su colaboracion con el actor Klaus Kinski produjo algunas de las cintas mas inolvidables. En "My Best Fiend" Herzog nos lleva en una odisea de recuerdos, filmando en locaciones peligrosas a lado de Kinski, quien era un lunatico egocentrico quien tenia explosivos estallidos de ira (es realmente increible que hayan trabajado para cinco proyectos muy diferentes). Lo que me encanta de los documentales de Herzog es su voz, serena e introspectiva que nos transporta a un momento muy especifico; quizas la cinta se hubiese beneficiado de mas escenas mostrando a ambos en su entorno de trabajo pero de todos modos "My Best Fiend" es una pelicula fascinante acerca de lo dificil que es hacer peliculas y trabajar con un hombre quien tiene que ser el punto focal de toda la produccion.

dido (ca) wrote: ???????????? extraordinarily brilliant actress and filmmaker at a time!!

Grant H (ru) wrote: Great movie. Funny, insightful, smart, powerful, with great performances from the whole cast.

Brendan H (mx) wrote: I saw 35 minutes of this movie and all that I saw was gold. Anything Gene Wilder ever touched was gold.

Art S (ag) wrote: Eisenstein's late masterwork is less about montage (although of course there is plenty, especially some great cuts between faces reacting to Ivan's pronouncements) and much more about using the frame as a canvas for some amazingly ornate and expressionistic shots. The tale of Ivan's early days as Tsar and the political intrigues around him are rather secondary though Shakespearean.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Director Ron Howard teams up with writer Peter Morgan to create what is arguably one of the director's best films. Michael Sheen and Frank Langella give our some incredible performances that I actually see David Frost and Richard Nixon instead of Michael Sheen and Frank Langella. The plot is very simple, but it is very effective and it can get a lot of moviegoers interested. The characters are so good that it got me more curious to see what was going to happen in the interviews. The screenplay by Peter Morgan is really great and it created a lot of interesting conversations between Frost and Nixon. When it goes to the interviews, it's the most tense moment in this film that gets you sucked in to the questions and answers, even if the answers can be frustrating and that you want Nixon to get it over his chest or that you want Frost to interrupt Nixon's answers and just go to the next question. The way it's filmed for the interviews is really good and it felt like I was actually watching a real and live interview. Frost/Nixon is an enthralling movie that plays through the mind tricks very well and that it shows that people can break.

Jacob F (es) wrote: This is hellraiser only in name. The plot is interesting enough but the infamous cenobites have no place in this movie

Maark T (jp) wrote: A 1980's Cinderella story with some memorable moments.

Naomi G (ru) wrote: Wanted to like this so much, but the writing was awful (contrived) and the performances felt entirely forced. Really really disappointing.