The Belle of Rome

The Belle of Rome

Mario fa il pugile e finisce in galera per aver dato per sbaglio un pugno a un vigile urbano. La sua fidanzata Nannina trova lavoro come cassiera nel bar di Oreste che si innamora di lei e ...

Mario fa il pugile e finisce in galera per aver dato per sbaglio un pugno a un vigile urbano. La sua fidanzata Nannina trova lavoro come cassiera nel bar di Oreste che si innamora di lei e ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike B (jp) wrote: Decent and worth a watch, though quite slow.


Geoff J (us) wrote: Slow and unengaging SF thriller

Josh A (gb) wrote: As expected, it's weird. Darkly funny, somewhat unpredictable, and it gets increasingly bizarre.

Rushda x (nl) wrote: Fantastic film about marrital disputes. Shah Rukh is absolutely hilarious as the overly jealous husband!

David L (kr) wrote: Disney enters this successful decade with One Hundred and One Dalmatians released in 1961 and based on the novel of the same name thus going back to non-fairy tale features and being the first film to use the so-called xerography which is the cheap process of animation they would use again in this decade.This is one of the more interesting and even authentic Disney films thanks to the inclusion of a different genre which is adventure with a lot of action as well. The story is excellent, wonderfully thought out and filled with great attention to detail and fine characterization. It starts with what is arguably one of the best Disney openings to date with wonderful animation, excellent humor and charming voice over narration from Pongo. That whole scene leading to the park is beautiful and instantly interests you in the film. Then there is of course the introduction to Cruella de Ville's character which is done in a memorable manner leading to the dogs communicating with other dogs in the town thus spreading the news of the abduction. This was the sequence that showcased the sense of playfulness and charming humor the most adding the necessary sweet and innocent tone to the film that would lack it for scenes to come. Then there comes the prolonged action sequence where the protagonists must return with all the puppies home. This is done for better and for worse. On the one hand, the action is done in an intriguing way, it is mostly very entertaining and suspenseful making you root for the main characters. And there is some inventiveness to be found in the execution of it as well which is always a nice thing. But on the other hand, all that action becomes quite overwhelming later on ruining the pacing in the process which is the problem that annoyingly bothers so many Disney movies. And they should have added some quiet moments with the necessary character development and even comic relief to balance it a bit. However, this is one bigger problem I found in this otherwise remarkable and very underrated movie. And the finale is wonderful with endearing song and satisfying happy reunion.The characterization in this film is simply amazing. If there is one thing you could argue, that is the lack of personality in the puppies except of course for Lucky and Rolly who is an endearing comic relief. But they couldn't have developed all of them due to their enormous number and that is why I didn't find that flaw overwhelming. But the other characters are magnificent and oh so memorable. Roger is very relatable both in his design and personality which is a refreshing change in pace from their previous male leads, mostly unrealistic dashing princes. Anita is somewhat forgettable, but they are a lovely couple along with Pongo and Perdita. Nanny is very effervescent and a minor character that serves her purpose while also being well developed and charming. The other dog characters all fit the story and help the protagonists whereas Captain and Sergeant Tibbs, a genius duo of cat and dog at work, are very effective and comedic. And then there is of course Cruella De Ville who is absolutely stunning. With simply fantastic animation design, phenomenal voice work, menacing nature, some great lines, authentic personality and crazy behavior, she steals the scene whenever she is in and is, without any doubt, one of the top three best Disney villains ever created. She is a genius creation at work, an extremely memorable character and a powerful addition to Disney's pantheon of classic villains. As for Horace and Jasper, they are hilarious as the two comedic henchmen who perfectly counteract and serve as her servants. Those two bring the necessary humor to the film which lacks it after the charming beginning.Speaking of Cruella, she greatly contributes to the evident and very refreshing realism of the picture. Her goal is real and everything in this movie seems realistic without any magic whatsoever. The animals talk, but not with humans and it is a great approach that helps the film appeal to older audiences.The animation is very good in my opinion. I know that everyone tends to hate on Disney's 1960s films done with this type of animation because they find it cheap and while it is cheap, I still think it is very warm, stylistic with great art direction and splendid character design. And the color palette and a style similar to paintings is very appealing and differentiates it from their earlier and later efforts.As for the soundtrack, it has just two songs but both are good. Dalmatian Plantation is sweet, catchy and ends the movie in a satisfying manner, but of course Cruella De Ville is the classic one with excellent lyrics which fit the movie perfectly and the situation thus doing what every song in a musical should do - drive the plot forward or explain the character instead of slowing the whole film down. The latter example applies here. The lyrics again showcase her personality as well as Roger's and accompanies one great sequence wonderfully. It is a standout song and one of the classic and most memorable Disney songs for good reasons.In the end, 101 Dalmatians isn't another 'Sleeping Beauty' and is filled with too much action, but this is a Disney film that is undoubtedly one of the most underappreciated with a plethora of colorful and very strong characters, catchy songs, charming animation and humor, entertaining adventure and inventive action, engaging story and it's all around an effervescent and fun picture that can delight almost everyone.

Private U (fr) wrote: This movie totally sucks and I love it.

Lee G (es) wrote: Ambling indie classic patiently follows a stream of philosophical burnouts crossing paths over the course of a day in Austin, Texas. The twist is that we never see any of these people ever again, their experiences do not contribute to any central plot and the story is told in what seems like real time. The main character is the town itself, and the lack of any true story momentum is a statement on its residents. They have plenty to say, but never seem to do anything. That's their charm, and it's also the charm of this movie. But unlike many of the films that this breakthrough cult classic inspired (namely Kevin Smith's Clerks) first-time director Richard Linklater exhibits an impressive mastery of cinematic motion rare in low-budget films which rely mostly on dialogue. Linklater shoots many of his scenes in long takes with infrequent cutting, reminiscent of the opening shot of Orson Welles' Touch of Evil or Scorsese's nightclub scene in Goodfellas. This kind of technique is incredibly difficult to achieve even for experienced filmmakers with a large budget to work with, making it especially astounding that Linklater managed to choreograph such sequences with limited resources and even less experience. But at the end of the day, the existential conundrums which this film wrestles with are what will hold your interest and its unique philosophical insights are what made Linklater one of the wisest cinematic sages of the 1990s independent film boom.

Shawn R (es) wrote: Why do I subject myself to shit like this

Tamara T (mx) wrote: 4 out of 5 only because of Kogar and Boo Boo's flashing light antenna...

Daniel K (it) wrote: I could tell pretty much right away exactly what the movie was going to be like and that I would like it. I??ve never seen an Astaire musical I didn??t enjoy and this is definitely no exception. It follows all the conventions while keeping it interesting and exciting largely due to chemistry, charisma, and choreography. Vera-Ellen is spectacular and matches with Astaire??s effortlessness perfectly. Great performance and great dancing. The Mr. and Mrs. Hoofer number is great. They definitely make a good pair and the music/costumes aren??t bad either. Essentially, every number is great. Astaire has such a great star quality it is ridiculous. He usually can do no wrong. The women in Hollywood musicals are usually incredibly attractive and this one is no exception. Great songs, great numbers, great production values, and great performances.

Scott S (gb) wrote: For film #10, Tarzan, Jane and Boy do battle with a cult of men dancing around in leopard outfits. I had flashbacks of Prince's 'Batdance' video. I thought these movies would decrease in entertainment value at an exponential rate, but aside from just a few mis-steps, they all maintain a certain acceptable level of matinee quality fun. I like the leopard cult, and I like the Kimba character -- kind of an evil version of Boy, but not unsympathetic.

Justin R (mx) wrote: Bizarrely pointless, unoriginal and clunky in it's rhetoric.

Aaron C (br) wrote: redundant sequel,has the worst "comedy" sequence in history as Chevy trapses around the hoover dam,would have loved the dead air as this scene played out in theatres

bill s (mx) wrote: Not the worst horror movie though it is light on the horror aspect.