The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

Documentary on with strange goings-on in the 'devil's triangle'.

A documentary that explores the legends, facts and folklore about the dreaded "Bermuda Triangle". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Bermuda Triangle torrent reviews

Steven F (au) wrote: so close, again, to be a solid all around creeper. really good last 15-20 minutes or so... but missed out on lots of opportunities for really scary exclamation points

Alexandro O (br) wrote: A documenting of a family's daily routines from present success to eventual fall, provides us with genuine acting abilities by all cast members. The direction is good, pretentious sometimes with scenes that are just there for the sake of being there.

Malcoln G (ca) wrote: God awful. This film is the worst.

Pete K (kr) wrote: ei huono, mielenkiinto riitti leffan loppuun asti..

Ida T (jp) wrote: Surprisingly enough, the portrayal of little people was the one positive thing about this film (except for the acting performances, particularly from Oldman, Arquette and Dinklage) being that it was refreshingly varied and felt genuine and objective. Even though the film and the poor excuse of a plotline dealt with issues (both social and medical) that little people have to face, the characters themselves were not reduced to stereotypes at all, and that was a joy to witness. Howver, the actual story and the script in which it was told, was unbelievably bad. I was actually shocked by the abrupt and anti-climatic ending, and then I'd suffered through three unprovoked and uncaracterised fade to black's in the last portion of the film as well, and still the horrendous ending managed to shock me.

Jerry C (ca) wrote: Val Kilmer is an ex-marine who gets in trouble with fascist conspirators in a little cowboy village in the middle of the desert. Val Kilmer and Gary Cole take this action flick to a higher level. There's nothing new under the desert sun, but it's fun!

Grant K (ca) wrote: A loveable, nostalgic bookend, (that feels more honest than the more stunt oriented 3rd instalment), that, while slow and confusing for those unfamiliar with the franchise, is still a hilarious, thrill-filled actioner. Still... What the fuck does the opening scene have to do with the rest of the movie?

Steve W (gb) wrote: One of the best comedies of the 90's, Flirting With Disaster stars an a great ensemble cast with an even better script. Full of strongly developed characters and hilarious moments, its dark, heartwarming, and goofy in all the right ways.

Ihra L (ru) wrote: Slitsom rekkeflge. 4,2,5,1,3? Eller noe snt. Gleder meg til dama med glasstvlene. Liker ikke lydbildet her og mener at symbolikken er overtydelig, men det kan absolutt ha noe gjre med at jeg er alt for klar over hva det hele skal dreie seg om. Men som Tarald sier - hvis det er noe ved de man ikke liker, s er det bare fokusere p andre elementer. Her er det mye hente. Mye fint se p. Wow.

Nick W (br) wrote: Brilliant. My favorite Gilliam, except for maybe Brazil.

Liliane S (jp) wrote: Solid movie. Excellent acting. Great music.

Brendan C (nl) wrote: Amazing! An experience.

Mike W (gb) wrote: For some reason, people don't get this movie