The Best Father in the World

The Best Father in the World


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Leah T (kr) wrote: a powerful commentary on the evils of free market corporate capitalism

Donald B (gb) wrote: Just rewatched The Town. Still as amazingly good as when it came out!

Shawn W (us) wrote: Max Grabelski (Daniel Stern in full-on Home Alone mode) is a sleazy delivery man perpetually stuck in a 1970's time-warp (puh-lease tell me where I can get one of those shirts). He struts his way down the street to Bee Gees tunes and behaves like Disco Stu from The Simpsons. He's got a little con going on after working hours in which he delivers clandestine packages to some rich guy (a weak, miscast Anthony Heald) for big tips. He needs escapism and the mystery of the con makes him feel like a spy. Until that is, when Max is framed for murder and has to run for his life.While trying to intercept the last in the series of suspicious packages (located in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest) in order to clear his name, Max is mistaken for a world famous Scout Leader and has to lead a bunch of adventure-hungry kids into the wilderness and shake off the pursuing FBI.Daniel Stern's physical comedy is just plain hilarious and his comic timing is perfect. For anyone who liked him in Home Alone 1 and 2 you'll love him in this also. The kids are surprisingly not that annoying. Usually I hate kids in movies (Jurassic Park, Hook, The awful Von Trapp children) but they had enough character and laughs among them to make it okay.I only ever had a problem with the ending. It was just too tame for a PG-13 rated movie. Instead of Gordy's far-fetched fall into the ravine I would have preferred that the entire balcony of the cabin to collapse and the bad guy fall to his death. Plus the bad guy is kind of weak, his accent is just plain odd and he has this strange sort of campiness and not scariness about him. Too bad since Anthony Heald has played some true scumbags in his time.These 2 complains aside Bushwhacked is great adventure movie with a lively score by Bill Conti. It's probably best enjoyed in Spring/Summer and is perfect for the whole family. An admirable amount of laughs indeed.

Trey L (kr) wrote: Have you heard of ZATOICHI? It was a franchise of Japanese films following the exploits of a blind swordsman who wanders the country gambling and giving massages. This is the American version of that (minus the massages), with Rutger Hauer as a blind Vietnam vet trained to use a samurai blade. Being a late-80s/early-90s action flick, the whole thing is played with tongue firmly in cheek, and is really more fun than it should be. Randall "Tex" Cobb hams it up as the villain, Meg Foster (THEY LIVE, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE) makes a brief appearance, and Hauer is clearly having a ball. It's no masterpiece, but it makes for an entertaining hour and a half.

Emily G (fr) wrote: I love this film, one of my fav!!

Joseph S (us) wrote: It's one of those films that's just so beautiful to watch you forget you're being told a great story as well.

Beth G (gb) wrote: A match made in heaven--too bad Astaire and Powell only did the one flick together!

Christopher Z (nl) wrote: I have seen four of the five Dirty Harry films (I have not seen the third film, The Enforcer). Sudden Impact (the fourth film) is my favorite so far, and it is a lot of fun. It is of course flawed. It moves and is edited too quickly, it's sleazy, and the villain isn't really a villain but a sympathetic rape victim who has a good reason to kill her attackers. Thus the viewer can only root for her. However, Sudden Impact does what it sets out to do. The point in a Dirty Harry film is not to give us complex characters; and contrary to what many people believe, they really are not interested in giving us political messages. All they want to do is show Dirty Harry gunning down the scumbags on the streets and acting like a badass, and Sudden Impact does it better than the other three films in the series that I have seen and in the most entertaining way. Actually, the movie is totally insane. It rapidly goes from scenes in which Eastwood guns down crooks and mafioso types on the streets, to scenes where Sondra Locke guns down her former attackers. This movie is nothing but a bunch of scenes where creeps get gunned down and blasted to smithereens (Locke enjoys blowing off the testicles of her rapist attackers and then shooting them in the head). There are almost no slow moments to give us breathing room. But who needs breathing room in a Dirty Harry film? If you are not offended by too much violence in movies, than Sudden Impact may work very well for you as entertainment. I found it more fun to watch than the tedious and slower paced original Dirty Harry, the overlong Magnum Force, and the absolutely awful The Dead Pool.

Mark K (gb) wrote: If i could rate this movie lower I would. Good lord that was painful to watch. So boring and pointless.