The Best Little WhoreHouse In Texas

The Best Little WhoreHouse In Texas

The town sheriff and a madame team up to stop a television evangelist from shutting down the local whorehouse, the famed "Chicken Ranch."

The movie follows Ed Earl, the sheriff of Gilbert, Texas, who has a relationship of long standing with Miss Mona, who runs a brothel there called the "Chicken Ranch." Ed then has to fight to keep the historical whorehouse open when a TV preacher targets it as the Devils playhouse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (us) wrote: Has everything...the kid that nobody listens to, the douchebag you know is going to get killed. The hard-ass, quite unlikeable character who ends up your favourite by the end...An excellent bad movie.

FAME S (us) wrote: Possibly the best movie I have ever seen. It wasn't really scary but definitely creepy as the room knows everything about him. It was an outstanding performance by John Cusack as he really made the room come to life when he was playing the role of Mike Einslin

Danjel H (fr) wrote: Ug, he has a nice body - but there really isn't any reason to care about these paper thin characters and an incredibly paint by numbers plot.

Panta O (es) wrote: "Mister Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Qur'an" is a French movie based on a book and a play by ric-Emmanuel Schmitt. The award winning drama (Csar Award, Best Actor 2004: Omar Sharif; Chicago International Film Festival, Silver Hugo for Best Male Performance 2003: Pierre Boulanger; Venice International Film Festival, Audience Award, Best Actor 2003: Omar Sharif; nomination for the 2004 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film) nostalgically explores life of a working-class Paris neighbourhood in the 1960s through growing of Mose Schmidt (Momo), a young Jewish boy. He is fascinated by the elderly Turkish man, Ibrahim Demirci, who owns a grocery store across the street where Momo often shoplifts. Their relationship develops and soon Momo feels closer to Ibrahim than to his father... I would not like to spoil the watching of this heart-warming movie and I'll keep the rest of the story as a secret... :-) Impressive film which so realistically manages to takes us to the world where friendship is possible and natural between a typical teenaged boy, trying out his masculine prerogative (simultaneously unsure of what he wants) and older charismatic sage who is plainly desired father figure in this sentimental tale. I hope you'll have a chance to enjoy it!

Morrell B (fr) wrote: Sadly, there's nothing hotter then a crazy chick....I remember wanting to see this movie, and of course it never came to a theatre near when it showed up in blockbuster i enjoyed every minute of it..A love story with an odd twist...

Andy O (nl) wrote: Ma Vie En Rose is certainly a difficult movie to find in the UK,originally an independent Franco-Belgium movie I had to pay quite a bit to watch this as a USA import but it was worth it. As someone that previously has struggled with gender identity when I was younger I worried about my objectivity in reviewing this. But actually it has allowed me to appropriate more the fact that the Director Alain Berliner has captured perfectly the forces that influence a gender confused child. Ludovic Fabre played by Georges Du Fresne is a girl that has happened to been born a boy so acts like a girl. Unlike other trans movies though Ludovic is only 7 years old and struggles to understand why actions that feels so natural to him (like waring a princess dress and playing with dolls). Moreover one of the most successful things about Ma Vie En Rose is that the movie does not condemn ludovic for his feelings however it condemns society for not accepting gender difference. One can see clearly this when Ludovic's parents first concern after there son wares a dress at a party is 'what will the neighbors think' with particular focus on the boss of Ludovics father. In addition I felt that for a movie that actually interweaves dream sequences into the main plot and was filmed in french, it actually is very watchable with the 1 hour 29 minutes flying by. To be honest I believe that everyone should watch this film as it illustrates both trans and homophobia of the kind that is the most dangerous, its subtle but devastating to the victim. In summary though this movie may lack universal appeal the film gives a realistic but not depressing view of a gender confused child, it obviously has been very well researched and is a film that every parent and older child should watch.

Robert G (jp) wrote: The movie had iWashington and Crowe. Nothing more then a waste of talent.

Michael P (ag) wrote: Another childhood fav.....fond memories

Jesus D (mx) wrote: 74% joya menospreciada

Edward S (kr) wrote: Total classic. Best seen in the present era. Ahead of its time: a strong black man with conscience, political values, sensuality, humor, and dynamic screen presence.

IOnell S (ag) wrote: Muy triste historia. Nuestra opinion sobre otra persona pueden cambiar drastricamente si nos damos la oportunidad de conocerle. La vida en esos tiempos era cruel y muy dura. Excelente actuaciones y fotografia.