The Best Man

The Best Man

Harper, a writer who's about to explode into the mainstream leaves behind his girlfriend Robin and heads to New York City to serve as best man for his friend Lance's wedding. Once there, he reunites with the rest of his college circle.

The movie follows Harper, a writer finds out the hard way about the consequences of walking a fine line between fiction and real life. Things get really complicated whrn Harper goes to New York to be the best man for his friend, and so do his former almost-lover and his current girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marlon C (au) wrote: Very Cheesy Positive movie! Some mature themes (betrayal, eating of the trolls so death) otherwise kids will love this movie because of the lighthearted songs and positivity. No human racial associations here, however there are some stereotypes that can possibly be connected which go over pretty lightly here. Expect a fun time and rewatching of this definitely!

Noah S (es) wrote: Definitely unfocused and the story is choppy at best, but the acting and musical performances turn an otherwise mediocre film into a worth-while endeavor.

Joseph O (gb) wrote: Eh , seen this basically for Emily Deschanel . Not into the whole religious thing. Never really got into the movie. It just never gripped me.

Gerald V (ca) wrote: No Review, powerful though, also needed steadycam, just joking

Jamie C (de) wrote: Date Night is the kind of comedy we get a few times a year that's ok but never memorable, But with such a strong cast it should been better, It has its funny moments but there far few between, There's a fun car chase but apart from that there's nothing new.

sabrina i (br) wrote: "Jab We Met" is a victim of a bland script. It starts off interestingly, in fact the first half is pretty entertaining but it soon delves into the typical Bollywood love triangle/girl meets boy crap. It has a fresh feel to it, great songs, great camera work and a good cast so it's quite sad they didn't have a better story to work with. In the end, it's just an unsatisfying film that could have been much much better. Kareena Kapoor continues to be very annoying as she's been for years and her character makes little sense, while Shahid Kapoor is competent as usual. Overall, its a very good pass-time flick...good to watch with the family but not much else.

Michael G (jp) wrote: The only problem I have with this movie is the ending. It ruined it for me and was totally unnecessary.

Donnie B (ca) wrote: Biting and uncomfortably truthful. Winslet and DiCaprio have never been better.

bill b (de) wrote: Its almost a documentary film. U wont fall in love with it but its very informative.

Wes S (au) wrote: A nice story, poor effects, and a great cast. The actors are probably the best bit of this movie, but the Gorgon itself and the general plot-line are still pretty enjoyable too. A few bumps, some slow parts, but an entertaining Gorgon movie for the most part.

Raquel D (br) wrote: This is such a great movie. The best!

Chris C (jp) wrote: In a horror franchise that mainly transitions into more comedic elements than anything, 1993's Leprechaun delivers a few chills as well with a solid debut performance by Jennifer Aniston and a wickedly humorous lead from Warwick Davis.