The Best of Benny Hill

The Best of Benny Hill

A collection of sketches and musical numbers from his long running comedy/variety series, culled from shows produced and originally aired between 1969 and 1972; this film's production is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Best of Benny Hill torrent reviews

Benny B (es) wrote: Neither really insightful or revelatory, but more of a concert package of Shane Meadows' favourite band.

Jerry C (gb) wrote: I watch a lot of movies. All types, all qualities. Without a doubt, Baseline Killer is the worst of the worst. I punished myself by watching the complete movie. I regret that decision. From the clueless beginning to the agonizing end, it only got worse. How any person would have financed or acted in such a disaster is beyond me. If you are thinking about viewing this movie, do yourself a favor and take an overdose of sleeping pills. Your time will be better served.......

Ryan M (kr) wrote: Powerful story of faith...

Brendan M (gb) wrote: This movie looks really funny!

Paul M (ru) wrote: Beautifully filmed and very slick little horror/thriller. The outback scenery is mesmerizing and the direction is extremely taut. Looks like a hokey straight-to-the bargain bin release, but is actually very skilled.

Chris H (us) wrote: Not bad car movie its bit over top

Shawn W (au) wrote: The box to this one claims it has a recipe for "sweaty" action. I'm not sure that sounds good but we like Stacey Dash. She plays a blues singer looking to avenge her sister's suicide and a cop with strong ethics except when it comes to sleeping with hot murder suspects. For Stacey Dash fans only.

Maria F (mx) wrote: A good horror movie about an innocent man who is murdered and who comes back to get his revenge on the guilty..He comes back as a scarecrow!!!

Nandi C (ru) wrote: A divorced mom of two kids in a small town Texas during WW2 is a telephone operator who hooks up with Eric Roberts on leave from the war. They share an easy bond and the kids like him, but danger still lurks.

Jian G (au) wrote: An uneventful film with Torn portraying infamous writer Henry Miller, who was a consultant for this adaptation, as he philanders and scrounges his way around the streets of Paris in the 70's. Miller's characterization as a debauched libertine is detestable and because he doesn't have any real motive, there's not much conflict to carry the story making the audience ask, 'why bother?'. An insignificant movie based off of a significant novel.

Bella R (de) wrote: the funniest movie i ve seen in a while

Lloyd Y (ca) wrote: This movie is a classic the scene with the spider is better than the one in lord of the rings by far. Its a must see for fantasy movie lovers. I would much rather watch this than starwars any day!

Christopher S (gb) wrote: Very underrated film but had potential for so much more. Colin Farrell was pretty good in this film as the rebellious recruit Bozz. The acting overall was good. The directing by Joel Schumacher was not as strong and this was the thing that stopped this film from being great. Still, pretty good depiction of Army life but even that could have been much better. This film could have easily been one of the indie hits of the year but Schumacher's directing and some of the scenes depicting Army life stopped it from being a big hit. It did prove that Farrell has acting ability because I have not seen him do anything of this caliber since. While the boot camp scenes were pretty well done and were on par with Full Metal Jacket, it just missed the style and substance that Full Metal Jacket had.