The Best of Laurel and Hardy

The Best of Laurel and Hardy

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JTR F (mx) wrote: Probably my least favorite movie from my favorite actor Michael Keaton. He does a good job as does the adorable Monoghan. The movie is just too basic, too predictable, and ultimately not a well written or directed film. A true waste of a great pair of talents.

Robert S (au) wrote: Absolutely delightful. A must see for any true artist.

Filippo V (nl) wrote: A parte qualche risata in poche scene che funzionano, da questo demenziale film sempre sopra le righe non traspira nient'altro di interessante. Il resto stato coerente con il genere: per qualche risata con gli amici potrebbe andare pi che bene ma ben lontano dall'essere una bella commedia che pu essere ricordata negli anni.

Adam E (au) wrote: Liberal doses of gore almost make up for a complete lack of coherence.

Campbell P (ca) wrote: Shaolin Soccer follows the story of a group of brothers and a retired famous soccer player that are trying to bring down the evil head of the Japanese soccer league and win a million dollars. The outcast brother, Sing, has a powerful leg that can make the most powerful cringe, but can it help them take down the many soccer teams in their way to get to the championship? This comedy is lead by famous comedic actor Stephen Chow who gives a solid performance as Sing. He gives light and brightness to the movie and I felt his charisma on screen. The acting as a whole was just... good. Not anything special or great, just fine. In a comedy like this, you don't really expect the best acting, but just to laugh at really cheesy moments and the slapstick. In fact that's pretty much all I cared about in the movie. The characters were likable but kinda forgettable; I can't remember most of the casts' names besides Golden Leg and Sing. I cared for those two characters simply because they were the only characters that had a background and portrayed a likable character. Nothing against the rest of the cast, but again they were just kinda forgettable. The story was really just a by the numbers sports movie. They have to achieve a goal and they do it with ease until the last battle. It plays out like a cliche sports movie with the whole buildup for the final battle, they're on top until the VERY end, there's a throwaway love story, and the main character is a rags to riches story. It's a creative premise, I'll give it that; and it did make me laugh more than a few times due to the cheesy dance scenes, bad special effects, and character antics. It's a fun movie for its comedy, but there's nothing special about Shaolin Soccer. It's a by the numbers, cheesy sports movie with some good laughs. C+

Matthew P (es) wrote: I don't really understand how someone can dislike a film like Terminal Velocity. Here is a film that is chock-full of action scenes, doesn't take itself too seriously, has a ton of enjoyable one-liners, and has a plot so ridiculous that it's laughable to even try to describe it. It takes someone taking life too seriously to dismiss something like that. No, it's not exactly a good film, but it's an incredibly fun one. It does, however, take a long time to actually get to these silly action scenes. That's the first problem that Terminal Velocity has. We get one right off the bat, a seemingly random scene which involves a woman being tortured inside of her apartment. Then we cut to a man named Ditch Brodie (Charlie Sheen) hang gliding down into the middle of the city, breaking numerous laws in the process. He's a skydiving instructor, and has managed to amass 12 safety violations in the last month. He's charming, though, and nobody seems to take these violations too seriously. One day, that same woman from earlier, Chris (Nastassja Kinski) comes in and wants a skydiving lesson. Despite having some business to attend to, Ditch agrees and, before you know it, they're up in an airplane thousands of feet above the Earth. While Ditch is talking to the pilot, Chris jumps out of the plane, refuses to pull her shoot, and dies. Soon enough, manslaughter charges are being considered, the skydiving business has been shut down, and this seemingly suicidal woman has effectively ruined Ditch's life. If only the film ended there. It would be a meditative little mood piece that might work perfectly as a short film. "Why did she jump?" would probably be the primary question on the audience's mind. Anyway, she's actually alive, and after a series of events, she and Ditch have to team up in order to save all of Russia from former KGB agents who are planning to overthrow the government using stolen gold. I only wish I was kidding about the plot, and believe me when I say that it unfolds just about that quickly. So, after all of this is revealed, we basically just move from set-piece to other set-piece with very, very basic reasons for doing so. Ditch is basically dragged into what amounts to a small war between one Russian woman who speaks very good English, and other Russian dudes who all also speak very good English. Cast members of the former KGB include James Gandolfini and Christopher McDonald -- not exactly the most Russian actors you'll see out there. I think that someone like Charlie Sheen is why this film manages to be as fun as it is. Not necessarily him exclusively, as any actor with decent comedic timing and the kind of "I don't care" attitude that he possesses would do, but that's the kind of person that's required. I doesn't matter what situation he encounters, he'll always be the one to crack a one-liner and smirk as he laughs through the ridiculousness that's being thrown his way. It's fun to watch action heroes enjoying themselves, especially when the entire experience is silly, and it's for this reason that Terminal Velocity is an enjoyable watch. Well, there's Sheen, and then there are also all of the action scenes that he and Kinski are put through. After the movie gets going, it really gets going. Apart from one short scene that contains possibly the best line in the film, Terminal Velocity throws everything it can at you. While this amount of action can become tiresome, the joking really helps ease tension and makes sure that you're never too worried or too exhausted by the events you're watching. You can't help but laugh at the way some of them end, as well, even if there are some genuinely thrilling moments. Unfortunately, nobody else seems to be having as much fun as Sheen is, and the film suffers because of this. All of the other actors play their roles straight, taking this project way too seriously and giving it far more credit than it deserves. The energy dies down whenever Sheen isn't the focus. This kind of film needs its actors to realize that they're not in a serious film, but the supporting cast (including Kinski) are far too serious and grim. Their acting is the main reason that Terminal Velocity sometimes doesn't work. The other reasons are less bothersome, but I can see them making the film less enjoyable for some. The too-ridiculous-to-believe plot is sometimes distracting, the one liners are annoying if you don't enjoy them, and the long period of time before the action begins needed to be drastically shortened. That one breather scene also felt out of place, but was required. More might have actually been beneficial, and if that were to have occurred, that one scene wouldn't seem so out of place. What you get for most of the time is a ridiculous action-packed thriller that doesn't take itself too seriously and ends up being a whole lot of fun. It has a plot that you'll laugh at, one actor that knows the film's a joke while the others think it's serious, and a bunch of spectacular action scenes. Even if you laugh at the plot, you'll at least be wowed by the set-pieces. Skydiving, conveniently, makes for a perfect area to stage action scenes, especially ones involving heavy objects falling fast toward the ground below. This isn't a good movie, but it's a fun one, and is worth recommending just for that.

Ben R (us) wrote: I was pretty disappointed in this when I saw it for the first time recently. James Spader did a decent job as always but the rest of the movie just kinda farts around at a slow pace,which is ok but it takes so long for stuff to happen.You kinda just don't care anymore when you finally get the pay off. This was supposed to be some kind of a political thriller but it never really makes you feel like the main character is ever in any real danger. James Spader plays the son of a congressman in Storyville Lousiana, who's father dies during a hunting trip, so Spader decides to take over for his dad in his congressional race to remain in office. During his campaign bizarre and strange people come in and out of his life to either warm him or try and hurt him. The suspense with all this is kinda lackluster and it could have been so much better. The rest of the cast kinda just looks bored and Jason Robards was really showing his age here.Piper Laurie seems comatose and nut bag crazy like she usually is.Michael parks plays a decent asshole character like he usually does, and the rest of the cast is kinda blah. I think movies like this were the reason why James Spader never became a super well known leading man up there with the likes of Alec Baldwin or Charlie Sheen. He made too many of these so so decent movies and only a few mega winners that made him a well known name in hollywood. Its such a shame that hes now replacing Steve Carell on the soon to be cancelled Office,instead of still making top hollywood films or starting another award winning show like Boston Legal.

Paul J (fr) wrote: What a strange movie. Credit must go to Richard Stanley for originality. A modern western revolving around a supernatural serial killer. It has its cool moments but there are one too many amateurish details for it to be amazing. Still, as a flawed experiment, there's plenty to get excited about. First off, cinematically it's fascinating as hell. Stanley takes his time with transitions, moments in time and particularly sound design. The score is also quite effective. The closest counter-part I can think of is The Hitcher as seen through the eyes of an Australian filmmaker on acid. The 5 disc set includes the score, a couple fascinating documentaries and a work print which includes extra footage. Most of which is nothing too memorable. Surprisingly, a couple extra death scenes. Still, stick with the Final Cut. It may not have been exactly what Stanley wanted (they ran out of time and money) but it's worth checking out for horror fans. The equivalent in fantasy would be Ridley Scott's Legend.

Thomas M (mx) wrote: classic comedy that is quietly charming and humorous...

Paul D (us) wrote: The first half of this movie is terrible, but once the Predator shows up it gets much better. It never captures the intensity of the original, but the last half hour of this movie is by far the best. Danny Glover does okay in this, but everyone feels the loss of Arnold!

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Being a quick cash in on the success of the original, this is surprisingly a pretty damn good sequel. Several very effective sequences.

Ben K (de) wrote: Good concept. Stupid movie.

Sonia M (fr) wrote: Good cry, each and every time.

Bob V (au) wrote: Pre-Code musical, often considered to be the defining movie musical. Groundbreaking in its day for its combination of music, dialogue, sung dialogie & editing, a process most noticeable in the opening number when the song is cleverly 'passed along' from character to character. I'm not exactly a fan of Jeanette MacDonald's operatic singing, but this film could almost make me one.

Allegra S (nl) wrote: There are some of the funniest scenes in this movie, real classics. Especially the fight scene with the old civil war veterans...pure genius!

Kevin M (ag) wrote: The two words that encapsulate the whole of Foxcatcher: bleak and bizarre. Based on the true story about a man who is taken under the wing of an eccentric wrestling enthusiast wielding the power of his heritage and the old money that comes with it. The first thing you'll notice is how bleak it all is: from the color palette to the people the actors bring into this utterly depressing Pennsylvania farm. Steve Carell shatters expectations, nailing the mannerisms and look (virtually unrecognizable) of John du Pont. The most impressive part of this performance is how uncomfortable Carell makes you feel while watching him. Overshadowed in character and in performance by Mark Ruffalo (who I think was overrated in this film) is Channing Tatum. Like Carell, it's the best performance of his career, hands down. My biggest qualm with Foxcatcher is the creative decision to focus on everything but du Pont's psychology and the downward spiral that's caused by it. The reason this story is famous is because of what du Pont did, and the reasons behind his motive were only explored on a basic and surface level. This makes the twist at the end feel more random than shocking. I'd recommend watching the Netflix documentary "Team Foxcatcher" as a companion piece to get a more accurate interpretation of the illness that drove du Pont to end his career and destroy his reputation. Otherwise, Foxcatcher is a movie filled with high-caliber performances from actors who will take you by surprise, and is a beautifully photographed American tragedy.

Jason K (jp) wrote: if only the writers had the 2 min ability to see through to their plot holes

Tim B (ru) wrote: Mildly thrilling, but a little farfetched

Kyle B (br) wrote: A really exciting movie with great performances from Oscar Isaac, Kirsten Dunst, and Viggo Mortensen. I watched this movie over the corse of two night and I cut it off at the right moment before a big pinnacle scene takes place that ups the suspense and thrills of the movie to why it got to be 4 1/2 stars rather than just 4. That final chunk of the movie would have been an excellent short film but that's not to say the first half of the movie is not worth your time because it is. Great costumes, cinematography, and writing and a really wonderful score and direction from a debut director. It has that Hitchcock feel to it but is unlike a lot of movies I have seen. Definitely worth tracking down