The Betsy

The Betsy

An auto-dynasty family experiences scandal, adultery, incest and power struggles in a juicy adaptation of Harold Robbins's best-selling novel. Ruthless patriarch Loren (Laurence Olivier) hires racecar driver Angelo (Tommy Lee Jones) to build a more efficient vehicle against the wishes of his grandson (Robert Duvall). But things get even messier when Angelo romances two women in Loren's life -- his great-granddaughter and his mistress.

The aging, retired founder of an auto giant comes out of retirement to try to develop a safe, fuel-efficient car. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny Houton Finet H (us) wrote: makes u want to buy a gun

Joe B (ag) wrote: Makes a good point about supply of clean water, but had limited focus. After watching the movie, I didn't have any drive to take action, because Flow did not push me into a specific category of concern. Should I be protesting water companies? Not buying bottled water? Going to foreign countries to build wells? Beats me...but the message of water not belonging to anyone was pretty clear. They didn't mention anything about the water on Mars, so I guess I can claim that as mine.

Brittany V (ru) wrote: I missed most of the beginning but i got right into it as soon as i flipped it on. The ending was heartbreaking :(

J K (nl) wrote: How good can a movie about Aristocratic white mice be?

Jonathan P (de) wrote: Pacino and cast do a great job but City Hall really has nothing original to offer and is a bit longwinded. Cusak surprised me by really flexing his acting chops and deserves credit as really being the reason to see this mediocre film.

Allyson B (gb) wrote: One of those great "you never heard of this" movies. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Willian Alberto S (ca) wrote: One of the worst films ever made, as disappointing as its predecessor (although had Great performances like Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange). this movie is too technical errors as the Fourth installment of Jaws, what shame, shit Who do you think of these films?

Steve B (fr) wrote: Mon favori de Sautet. Le film est vraiment bien crit et Montant, Piccoli et Reggiani y offrent des performances magistrales.

Jennifer H (ag) wrote: I seems that the movies we produce today are continuously getting longer. That could be good or bad. In the case of the movie The Tarnished Angels (1957), being a movie that only ran for an hour and a half was a blessing. The film starred Rock Hudson, Dorothy Malone, Robert Stack, and Jack Carson. Any movie with such a cast as this would inspire good hopes and encouragement from the audience. Now, I'm no lady from the 50's but if this movie was what Average Joes' would watch on their Friday Movie Nights then I would do a poor job of fitting into society. I was not interested at all with the plot. Don't get me wrong- the plot is original; I've never seen a plot quite like 'Angels' but the story of the course relationship between a modern gypsy couple was brought about so slowly, I lost interest in the first ten minutes. I stuck through to see this movie to the end; I was determined. I got to watch an hour and a half of Rock Hudson, I felt such a compassion for Jack Carson's misfortunes (Has anyone noticed that Jack never gets the girl?), and I found three brilliant monologues for me to perform later when I am given the opportunity. My last word for you, reader, unless you are fanatical about flying noncommercial planes in dangerous races at a New Orleans fair, then this movie might not suit you. You take your pick on how you are to spend your time.

John B (us) wrote: This early Hepburn piece is charming but far too corny to be a great film.