The Beyond

The Beyond

A young woman inherits an old hotel in Louisiana where after a series of supernatural 'accidents', she learns that the building was built over one of the entrances to Hell.

A young woman inherits an old hotel in Louisiana where after a series of supernatural 'accidents', she learns that the building was built over one of the entrances to Hell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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taja b (mx) wrote: great movei fonna have so much fun

(us) wrote: (R) (R) (R) (R) 3/4 (R) (C) (R) (R)? (R) (R)? (R) (R)? (R) (R) 3/4 (R) (C)? (R) (R)?.. absolute artistry!

Tit M (ru) wrote: film assez special sur l amour les sentiments et le libertinage du bon le scenario et les 2 couples et du moins bon la lenteur

Kevin D (mx) wrote: Not-bad black-comedy about Irishmen making ends meet by furnishing a medical colleges with corpses for vivisection (no questions asked). Serkis and Hynes are hilarious, but lose screen time to Pegg and Fisher. A plot wherein Fisher's character, a flighty actress (and possible hooker), ropes her grave-robbing benefactor into financing her dream of putting on an all-female staging of "Macbeth" takes up a lot of the movie and mostly failed at being funny.

Aron S (ca) wrote: It's a very sad to see Sam Raimi make such a dull movie like this. As with so many other horror movies now it has a lot of CGI effects. And let me tell you, CGI is not atmospheric. It doesn't look good. And it's just not scary. Move on. There's nothing to see here.

Demetrios M (jp) wrote: A visually stunning movie, that will paint a picture with its long gated scenes of the ocean views. The story will tell you so much, with so little dialogue. This is a visual masterpiece.

Cam M (gb) wrote: It was ok. A good idea but It's pretty stupid that The German Empire spontaneously implodes at the end becasue they can't secure an Alliance with America. Who cares about America? In this version of history Germany is all of Europe plus what the British Empire was. That's well over half the world's Land Mass being German. Pretty sure they're going to be fine without America. For God's sake Germany's doing fine with just Germany in real life!

Louise R (fr) wrote: this is the best christmas movie i give it 10 out of ten everyone should watch it

Paul C (es) wrote: Mediocre thriller with John Wayne as a maverick cop attempting to apprehend a mob boss in good old Blighty. Cool to see Wayne racing around in a Ford Capri and featuring the Duke and Dickie Attenborough in a ridiculous bar-room brawl - in fact these are the only reasons to watch this film.

James G (de) wrote: I thought this movie was supposed to be scary. It made Alone in the Dark look like it should have won an academy award. I mean honestly, by the end of the movie I was rooting for the demon to kill Mikah. If you've seen the trailers, you've seen the movie. If anything, this movie is some kind of stupid social experiment to see how many people they can screw out of their $10.

Jacob L (au) wrote: After two let down prequels, we finally got a new Star Wars that at least came close to what a Star Wars film is supposed to be. Now to start off and I am going to get a lot of hate for this, I liked Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker! Now won't get me wrong most of his dialogue is complete and utter literary garbage which makes the character seem like a crybaby, however when Christensen has no dialogue and just uses his eyes and his facial expressions he does it very very well. Now, what else did I like?1. I liked Ewan McGregor as Obi-wan and Ian McDiarmid continuing his role as The Emperor as these are the strongest performances in the film.2. The drama is fantastic in this film combined with the excellent score by The Legendary John Williams.Now, what are the faults? The first issue I have is the amount of CGI in the film. The original Star Wars were revolutionary in their effects, here everything you see is obviously fake, which I think is a little lazy. I also wasn't a big fan of Natalie Portman's character/performance, watch the film and see why. In conclusion, it's not a bad film, 3/5 stars.