Sophie is snatched from her orphanage early one morning by the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), whom she witnesses engaged in mysterious activities. She is soon put at ease, as she learns that BFG's job is to collect, catalog and deliver pleasant dreams to children. She joins him that night, but a mean giants follow them, planning to eat the children of the world.

The BFG follows Sophie, a young orphan who enlists the help of the B.F.G. (Big Friendly Giant) and the Queen of England to defeat Bloodbottler, a hungry race of man-eating giants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The BFG torrent reviews

Cassie H (it) wrote: An awful movie with no point. I watched some of this at a friends house & was happy when the disc stopped working & we watched another movie. Just another one of those stupid horror movies with no point.

Dan O (jp) wrote: Not perfect and a bit random at times, but still fun in the sense that it's the same type of movie you would have seen in the 30's or 40's.

Rodney S (ru) wrote: Samantha Morton is always compelling and complex, and really shines in this dark and gritty drama. The look and sound of the film creates an ominous tone, giving the viewer no option but to go on the journey and step into Morvern Callar's shoes for just a while.

Doug N (jp) wrote: This is not the best of Jacques Demy's movies - but it is definitely the most warped: a fairy tale about incest, taxidermy , cake and true love. It again stars Catherine Deneuve - at her most enchanting - and again absurd romance is used to unsettling effect. A retelling of Cinderella, but Prince Charming is a petulant brat with an overprotective mother; Cinderella is a princess who has run away to avoid marrying her father; the fairy godmother has schemes of her own (this is no altruistic fairy!); and the children??s ambiguous relationships with their parents might explain their obsession with true romance. Once again the sumptuous costumes, non-naturalistic colour design (this time with the extras literally painted blue and red) and amazing sets give it Demy??s distinctive look, and there are some stylish French touches.

Gabe F (jp) wrote: Joe sticks it to those damn hippies!!! Bout time too

Cassandra M (us) wrote: With its kipper ties, flared trousers and proficient - yet dated - music, They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! is perhaps the Poitier film that has aged least gracefully. While its prequel, In The Heat of the Night, was borne from the epitome of cool that was the sixties, here the seventies nurtured this film, which lends it a kitsch value, as well as the air of a t.v. movie. Though these elements - such as seeing the funky theme start up to the tune of Sidney clocking someone with a telephone, or Ed Asner (tv's Lou Grant) "drive" a car to a filmed backdrop - make it endearing and a must-see for a light-hearted Saturday night.A world away from the usual Sidney vehicle we have here a trawl through San Francisco's red light districts, to which the family elements - though the most critically attacked - actually provide effective light. Also unusual is the amount of sexual tone Sidney is here allowed to display. Yet whereas in the former film Poitier was the big town Lieutenant working in small-town Mississippi, here he is on his own territory, thus shaving the film of one of its dimensions. Without Steiger to bounce off, what depth the script provides his character second time around comes from his wife and children, most notably his son. After slapping the boy into submission, Poitier hugs him, mourning the fact that "you're not perfect . and I can't forgive you." Not a perfectly-formed film by any means, this one does improve on repeated viewing, and the majority of ill feeling does seem to be down to disappointment. After all, how does one make a sequel to a movie that's hailed as a classic?

Ann J (br) wrote: Adorable classical comedy.

Jon E (es) wrote: The concept of 'Source Code' works extremely well. The plot is divisive and keeps the viewer hooked with its repetitive charm. The feature is extremely thought provoking, and invites the viewer to question constantly both people and perceptions throughout. With its futuristic concept, Source Code is a brilliant example of how 'de ja vu' and 'Groundhog Day' style films can be thoroughly brilliant.However, the ending does feel unhinged and lacking in direction. It is unclear what the conclusion is trying to imply, leaving it much to the discretion of the viewer. Regardless, this is certainly a film for those with a keen eye for detail!