The Big Bad

The Big Bad

As a broken woman obsessed with revenge desperately searches for the monster who destroyed her family, she unexpectedly finds herself in a surreal and frightening world.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:witch,   revenge,   werewolf,  

As a broken woman obsessed with revenge desperately searches for the monster who destroyed her family, she unexpectedly finds herself in a surreal and frightening world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cornelius t (es) wrote: solid found footage movie. i dislike that genre but there are a few exceptions.

Greg W (jp) wrote: ok period piece looks at one woman's struggle to raise her kids.

Lionel P (ru) wrote: An Eye Opening Movie of extraordinary importance. Okay that may seem a bit overboard but it is worth every overboard letter. I use such grandiose words to make sure that you read down this far. There is a deeper meaning here that might otherwise be missed especially in this Land of Guns we live in called the USA. Yes, you have to strain to understand the very heavy dialect and yes, there is a lot of the "Fucal" word (aka the F word) that really could have been tampered down. The bigger story is the breath-taking relationship of the UK has with guns or should I say, lack of relationship. The entire story was built around a "gun" and the use or non-use of that gun. There was/is a reverence of respect, even with the so-called outlaws of the movie. Hold this movie up to some of the glorified violence riddled movie being pushed out for our gun-addictive movie goers and you will have it pushed right back in your fucal face. There is a father-son, kind of ex-wife, story too along with a sports star infatuation element (another USA problem) but to me the bigger, much more important story is in the mind-set of one country's diluted perspectives of guns (USA) versus my counties demands/laws of the same. The harden USA movie watcher will find it laughable at best because even the attempts of violence is loss without an occasional blood bath or beheading that we have come to expect here in the good old US of A. Get this the scariest thing in the movie was not a guns, rape, killing and/or a blood filled-room of victims it was, brace yourself... Youtube!

Andy W (kr) wrote: This craptacular Saw ripoff brings absolutely NOTHING new to the table. At all. Worse still, the killer's motives are even more BS than those of the ones in Saw. "He teaches them a lesson: A merciful death is better than a life of pain." At least the killer in Saw realized that you can't learn the lesson IF IT KILLS YOU! Well until the sequels anyway.

Beverly N (au) wrote: OMG - as a lifelong Christopher Walken fan, if he wasn't in this movie I wouldn't have had any interest at all and after a few short minutes, I couldn't watch regardless of who the actors were. Ick, yuck - no thanks.

Jerome Y (kr) wrote: One has to follow really closely (especially when I have to read sub-titles). Many themes running through this movie (love, respect, perfection, etc.) Found this movie entertaining!

Kyle B (jp) wrote: A fun and whimsical Woody Allen movie with charming performances from Sean Penn, Samantha Morton, and Uma Thurman. Great costumes, music, and art direction.

Antony B (de) wrote: One of my favourites as a kid

Daren P (de) wrote: A must see for true fans of old school hip-hop.

Martin T (ca) wrote: Juan Antonio Bardem merges film noir with Italian neorealism to craft a tense psychological thriller with sharp but subtle political undertones. I could easily imagine this as an American noir, with Dana Andrews and Linda Darnell as the couple, Paul Douglas as the cuckold and Robert Ryan as the blackmailer. Terrific performances, impressive cinematography, a tightly plotted scenario, and intriguing food for thought. Very good stuff.

Kevin L (nl) wrote: Ambitious in its messaging, but fails in execution.

Terry G (jp) wrote: 2 or 3 Stars for me, probably much less for others. The film is an enigma. It is undeniably shallow ... minimal hole ridden and cliche derivative plot and yet you can discover its depth and let that envelope you. This is much more film noir than science fiction. Perhaps they should have focused on allegory and not be distracted by attempts at mainstreamism. Enjoy the pieces, if you can. The time is well spent.

Harry W (ru) wrote: Praised a being a true Disney animated classic, Lady and the Tramp sounded like a key part of Disney history.Unlike many of the other Disney films, the romantic themes in Lady and the Tramp do not seem excessively soppy. Since the main characters are animals, there is more meaning to it as the story begins about two friends helping each other survive on the street as it later develops into a romance. The gentle development of this combines with the iconic scene where the two titular characters share a plate of spaghetti to really make the film sweet, and so that play at sentimentality in Lady and the Tramp does not come off as being cheap at all but rather succeeds as a touching sentiment. It succeeds largely because the characters in the film are animals which means that it is all the more cuter and does not seem like a distant concept which viewers can only understand for sure when they are adults, and so the film successfully markets to young audiences. Outside of the romantic concepts in Lady and the Tramp, the sentimental mood of the film succeeds. Even viewers who cannot embrace the romantic themes of the film are likely to find sympathetic enjoyment in the fact that the characters in the film are likable and cute creations whom are easy to find attachments to. The story focuses so heavily on creating an attachment to the characters and finding passion in the relationship between Lady and Tramp that it tends to forget about creating a plot which has much creativity or unpredictability, and the premise admittedly does not have much in terms of story development due to its inability to explore the universe of the tale beyond the few adventures that chronicle the main characters. But the sweet atmosphere of the film is nostalgic and easily fits the general style of Disney films from its age. Lady and the Tramp is clearly a film which is directed at younger audiences, and even as viewers grow up it still cannot be difficult to embrace the sweet nature of the film because it has so much charm and nostalgia about it which is iconic of Disney films from the classical era.The most predominant thing to really watch Lady and the Tramp for is clearly the animation. Like I said before, the character design in Lady and the Tramp is really nice since the characters are all made to look cute in the best sense of the word. But the animation does not just stop there because it takes the characters and gives them detailed movements. In contrast to the similarly plotted Disney film from 15 years later Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp has animation which is much higher in quality and detail with colour which is significantly brighter making it an animated feature that really stands out for its time. The characters look great, the colour of the film is bright and beautiful, the setting of the tale is detailed well and the movements of the characters are all organic. Lady and the Tramp is one of the best animated films of its time simply because it is visually marvellous with plenty of wonderful detail, and it always finds ways to match the mood of the film from an auditory perspective.Lady and the Tramp not only looks good, it sounds good. The musical score in the film is composed really well so that it reflects the classical nature of Disney films but also has a really gentle feel to it which matches the atmosphere consistently. The mood of Lady and the Tramp is always captured in its musical score, and many of the numbers are memorable for both their composition and writing.The voice cast in Lady and the Tramp also perfectly match their roles.Barbara Luddy is perfect in the role of Lady. Fitting into the classical era of cinema that Lady and the Tramp comes from, Barbara Luddy has the ideal voice for the part of Lady because is feels really light in nature but has a lot of soul within it just like the character she is playing. Her voice is sophisticated enough to capture the level of class that Lady maintains, and at the same time she has a level of innocence which comes with being an animal sheltered until being exposed to the streets of the world in the most unexpected of ways. The voice chemistry that Barbara Luddy shares with Larry Roberts is really nice because it brings the two characters to life and evokes a sense that the romantic passion that they share on screen really seems genuine which is impressive for simple voice acting. Barbara Luddy is the standout of the voice cast in Lady and the Tramp.Larry Roberts is also a really nice touch as Tramp. Though Tramp is a bit of a scruffy dog, Larry Roberts is able to find the right way to moderate his street wise nature with his genuine care for lady which means that he successfully finds the balance between the touching sentiment of the character as a man of romance and the comical nature of him as a dog of the street. He makes a really likable protagonist which is exactly what the story needs, but at the same time he presents a sympathetic character who carries a message to the audience that one must never judge a book by its cover. He really has a lot of heart, and you can see some development in the character occurring as the story progresses both in the way he expresses his emotions through his facial expressions and the way that Larry Roberts delivers his lines. Larry Roberts does his part for Lady and the Tramp with ease.So although Lady and the Tramp has a story which is fairly predictable and is full of sentimentality and romance, it comes off as a touching tale which is ridden with exceptional animation and a strong musical score.

Te R (ag) wrote: Other studios could learn how to do less talking, more emoting from this movie. Perfect '

bill s (fr) wrote: Demands your attention and rewards with a very fine cast with a complex but rewarding story.

Cole B (ag) wrote: A film that will entertain children and adults alike.

max h (br) wrote: Much less ridiculous than it could have been, and a welcome departure from the usual horrorfest.